Transcript of Rick Simpson's "Run From The Cure" Hemp Oil Documentary

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18 Oct 2011 15:45 #6641 by brtanner

Post by Storm Crow
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RUN FROM THE CURE- the Rick Simpson Story
Mr. Simpson's controversial "Phoenix Oil" is claimed to cure cancer and many other diseases. I do not know if his claims are accurate or not. However, I have gathered quite a bit of evidence that cannabis DOES have curative powers. Whether they are as miraculous as Mr. Simpson claims has yet to be proven. I do believe that his oil should be given an HONEST trial.

I would strongly caution people about the solvents that are used. They are toxic and explosive. It would not do you or your loved ones any good if you were brain-damaged from inhaling the fumes, or blown up! PLEASE- ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION! BE TWICE AS CAREFUL AS YOU THINK YOU NEED TO BE!

Since Mr. Simpson uses indicas for his oil, White Widow, from what I hear, I thought this would be an appropriate way to launch the indica forum!

And now for all those who are on "dial up" and hate the download time, or have friends that don't have a computer, but need to know about Phoenix Oil- here's the transcript, as prepared by yours truly! The numbers in parentheses are the time markers, so you can find certain parts of the film. (4:20) is 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the film, for example.

Run From the Cure- Storm Crow's Transcript 8/6/08

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27 Feb 2012 18:58 #13220 by HealthHelpers
Hi All, :)

We are new to the forum, and happy to be here.

Just wanted to quickly reply here and mention that my husband and I have made the Hemp oil as per Rick's directions due to a dear friend who's Lukemia had come back, and the Dr.s weren't giving him more than 6 months to live. After the treatment he was looking and feeling much better, and we can thankfully say that he is still alive today; more than 2 yrs later. He stays on a daily maintenance routine of consuming cannabis in any way he can; Hemp oil, Medibles, vaporizing, and salves.
We have studied the Science of it for more than 2 years now, and now know that just like the MMS1 & MMS2 that are naturally occuring within our bodies (just not producing enough), so are there 11 (known to date) different naturally occuring endocannabinoids within our systems. They work in conjuction with the Cannabinoid Receptors that our bodies are born with for healthy immune and neurological systems. Every creature on Earth, born with a spine, is born with this Endocannibinoid System within. A mixture of the CBG, THC, CBD, and CBC cannabinoids protect the body from & fight off Cancer. That is why anyone who has smoked cannabis for a number of years will be prone to things like Bronchitis, but they DO NOT suffer from Lung Cancer.
We are active Patient Advocates, so if anyone has any questions on the subject, feel free to ask us.

Good Health & Healing to ALL

Good Health & Healing to ALL

T&T Davis :-)
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31 Jul 2012 02:37 #20633 by linda54
hello there i was wondering if i can purchase (or donate )some of the hemp oil please let me know i would really appreciate this thank you

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31 Jul 2012 02:51 #20634 by pam
Linda, these two people have not been back online since this initial post. I don't know if you can reach them by googling their screen name HealthHelpers -

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31 Jul 2012 08:14 - 31 Jul 2012 08:15 #20643 by Nir

there are to places i know of you can get more information about Hemp oil -

A shop in Amsterdam -

the official Rick Simpson web site -

You can ask them where to get it (if its posible because it is not legal in most of the world... Amsterdam is a place that you can probably get some....)

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