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TOPIC: Rick Simpson's "Run from the Cure" documentary on Hemp Oil

Rick Simpson's "Run from the Cure" documentary on Hemp Oil 23 Oct 2011 04:22 #7006

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I finally had time to watch this video
. It is extremely good, I highly recommend it if you have not seen it yet.

Rick Simpson reminds me of Jim Humble. He is just another guy who is doing the right thing, sharing the truth that he knows and healing people regardless of what they do to him. He has been growing hemp in his backyard, making the oil and curing the people around him, even from terminal cancer. If we all did this, the world would certainly change.

It seems to me Rick discovered the key is in the resin of the marijuana buds and the high THC varieties and that is what produces incredible cures, apparently without causing any negative symptoms simply by taking 1 or 2 drops of the oil each day. It is not the smoking of the marijuana, but the ingestion or external application of this plant extract. It does not make you high either but seems to cure whatever is ailing you without the negative symptoms of detox and healing flareups.

Also, for those who do not know, this "hemp oil" is not the "hemp oil" sold in the stores, which is produced from hemp seeds that have no THC in them. The hemp oil in the stores is not medicinal in the way that Rick Simpson is describing of producing incredible cures, even though it is very beneficial.

There are numerous scientific studies proving the value of cannabinoids in cancer and other diseases as well, but you can't patent the plant extracts so there is no money in it. The www.norml.org site has good info on medical research norml.org/component/zoo/category/recent-...on-medical-marijuana and state laws regarding medical marijuana.

In Health Freedom,

Michael Harrah

Some links:
phoenixtears.ca/make-the-medicine/ varieties to use.
genesis2forum.org/index.php?option=com_k...41&id=6641&Itemid=66 transcript of Run From the Cure
9min David Tripplett, skin cancer cured with hemp oil
Hash oil, Honey oil, Cannabis extract; used 3-4 wks before dramatic results.
2 min. how to make the oil
norml.org/component/zoo/category/recent-...on-medical-marijuana www.norml.org research on medical marijuana
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Re: Rick Simpson "Run from the Cure" video on Hemp Oil 23 Oct 2011 05:11 #7007

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I too have seen this about cannabis. I always recommend this one to everyone who wants info on natural cures. An absolute must see!!

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Re: Rick Simpson's "Run from the Cure" documentary on Hemp Oil 23 Oct 2011 20:08 #7056

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Simpson only uses highly potent Indica (usually White Widow) strains and pure naphtha (costs $500 for a 45-gallon drum) to turn it into an even more potent oil that is consumed in doses the size of a rice over approximately two to three months. The real medicine as far as Simpson is concerned is the THC along with the other cannabinoids in the Cannabis Indica plants, and we now know with todays research on cannabinoids that THC is only the wheels of the car. You will want the entire car to actually get anywhere. There is more to be said about this oil, but here is a video showing how to make The Rick Simpson Hempoil:

More about Cannabis and Cancer to make the noobs interested:

Thats right, Rick Simpson received the Freedom Fighter of The Year Award at the Cannabis Cup 2009 in Holland for his discoveries using highly concentrated hempoil for cancer. Simpson was living in exhile then and probably still is living in exhile now - in Europe somewhere. In Canada he is wanted for illicit sales of drugs - meaning hemp medicine that he produced in his backyard and gave away for free to needing people with cancer and other diseases. Simpson believe hempoil can cure any disease involving mutating cells:

What about, for the fun for it, a doctors opinion?

Hemp (Cannabis with THC) and Cancer research:

Simpson use the word Hemp to describe all Cannabis plants because this he says is the original name for the plant -- with or without THC. The name was later changed by the government in order to create confusion as to which plant they _actually_ wanted to ban back in the days when the paper industry wanted to make more money cutting down trees instead of just using hemp. Another reason for banning hemp was that it was smoked by jazz musicians, whom on top of that tended to draw to them white women. Another problem was the chinese - they too tended to be drawn to hemp. So of course the ban on hemp had nothing at all to do with the concern for peoples health. It was put in place because of greed and racism.

So what else can hemp be used for?

Smart people build their houses with hemp:

A great solution to download videos off of YouTube is "Easy Youtube Video Downloader", as an extension for Mozilla Firefox . (Other good and very powerful extensions are Adblock Plus (avoid advertising), BetterPrivacy (delete flashcookies aka supercookies), Element Hiding Helper, Download Statusbar, Flagfox, NoScript, Redirect Remover, ScreenGrab, Lastpass, WorldIP, Zoom Page, FireFTP, Image Zoom and for webmasters Firebug.)
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