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CDH: Intravenous injection of dilute CDH to cure infections of the blood appears to be safe and very effective

25 Apr 2018 16:24 - 25 Apr 2018 16:28 #58362 by gabyher
Don't panic Scott, if I had any adverse reaction of any kind I would have felt it within a few seconds. I do know from even before knowing about MMS that HCL can melt your enamel and I can see the effect of HCL on my stainless steel kitchen sink. A year+ ago I swished with MMS1 with little water and learned my lesson; it irritated my entire mouth and teeth for days. My supp do not do that at all; the only thing I felt is the salty taste and the horrendous taste of ClO2.
That's why my question remains 'How effective this solution is?' Does it do something, does it have any effect?
I did use a 5 drop supp inserted rectally yesterday and absolutely no effect or reaction.... so I don't know if it cures something or does nothing.
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