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14 Jan 2014 22:06 #38748 by bestday
DMSO was created by bestday
I having been doing MMS since 9/1. I am doing 38 ML per day of CDH. I haven't seen any much improvement of my systems. I have interstitial Cystitis
(a chronic bladder condition) My bladder lining is leaking, which makes a lot of items difficult to ingest. My question is regarding DMSO. I started adding it to my CDH when I get ready to drink it. (each hour). However, I am wondering if it is killing the CDH. Should I take this separately? I know that the FDA approved DMSO for bladder installations, but I want to work with it orally.
Also, should I consider protocol 2000 for this condition?

PS I am on my 5 parasite cleanse

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14 Jan 2014 22:49 #38749 by Rev Ray
Replied by Rev Ray on topic DMSO
I can tell you DMSO reduces MMS potency.
But I believe the benefits of superior penetration with DMSO are beneficial to rocess. So instead of 3 drop doses hurly I suggest 5 of each, hourly. Add the DMSO after mixing MMS and waiting for activation time.

I am just about to look at MMS2 for parasites as this may make more sense. going to stop by www.jimhumble.com and look on te RH ane and see if there is info on parasite protocols using MMS.

I am finding a lot of intestinal parasites linked with illness of all sorts, as well as gall and liver functions need restoration.

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14 Jan 2014 23:10 #38750 by JB13
Replied by JB13 on topic DMSO
Bestday, not sure of your starting date which would make a difference in the time you have been taking MMS/CDH. 9/1 could mean September 1, 2013 or 9 January 2014. If you are an American then the former is probably what you mean. If not an American, then it would be January 9th which would only be a few days on a protocol which isn't much time to see any health improvements.
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07 Oct 2014 18:21 #47674 by filippo
Replied by filippo on topic DMSO
Hello Best.
I am interested in your case because I started CDH and I am waiting to receive a supply of DMSO which I intend ti use in conjunction with
CDH. I am wondering wether in your case it would be better to apply CDH and DMSO epidemically directly onto the bladder area so that it will get straight where you need it it to work.
If you try it please let me know how it works.

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