Testimony of a women that has been chemically poisoned by oil dispersant

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21 Jan 2011 21:52 #280 by wilspencer
I have been working with a lot of folk from around the Gulf of Mexico to get the chemicals out of their bodies.

The chemicals are coming from the VOC's from the water. The Industrialists have sprayed over 2 millions gallons of oil dispersant in the Gulf of Mexico and now they are spraying the Eastern Sea board from the Carolina to the Florida Keys.

Here is one testimony from a women who was poisoned by these chemicals.

The oil dispersant are breaking down the human body just like it does to oil. To find out what is really going on around the Gulf of Mexico you have to go to alternate media sources as the Main Stream Media is having a black out to the truth. There is still oil coming a shore and they are still spraying oil dispersant as of January 20, 2011 siting that was witnessed and told to me.

As you can read in this lady's testimony, she was ill. Yesterday she called me to give me the good news that she is feeling so much better she and her family are moving out of the Gulf region to get away from the spraying of the chemicals and the VOC's coming off the water.

I use MMM/AOT in a program to help the body to chelate these chemicals out and to build the body's immune system and digestion system. Feel free to go to my web site and listen to the webinar I held for these people and explain what I do and why; bodyelectrician.com/Videos.html

Having been to the Gulf Coast of Florida to see family and friends from June until Oct. 2010, I became very ill within months.
Prior to that visit, I was a healthy woman who was walking three miles a day and I was a student of the martial arts. In August I awoke to go for my usual daily walk and when I stood up my feet had lost feeling in them and I hit the floor. From that day my doctor had me using a cane for support. I grew steadily weaker and sicker as time went on and began seeing by my doctor every three weeks. My blood pressure rose, my nerves were irritated, I became very short of breath, I had headaches all the time and the stomach pain was becoming unbearable.
My health continued to worsen progressively and I ended up in a wheelchair before the end of October. My doctor ordered a chemical work up that showed I had extremely high levels of mercury and chromium as well as some substance(s) that were never mentioned, only an indication that the results were sent to the Center for Disease Control.
I was offered help from a group trying to help the Gulf victims and was sent several detox packages. One package had different items in baggies with no labels. Some bags had what appeared to be human and animal hair. These had to be thrown out due to the unsanitary packaging. There was a list of what the items were, however, I never take anything that is not sealed. I tried the baths as well as the detox pads with no success. I was getting worse and by November my doctor informed me he couldn't do anything further for me and sent me to see an Internist.
By Dec. 7th, I was curled up in a ball making my funeral arrangements when I saw the information about the Body Electrician. I researched what was on the site in lenght before calling Wil. When I called and asked him about his product he was very attuned to what I was dealing with. We talked at lenght even with his phone beeping non -stop from other callers. I can't remember how long we talked but it seemed like hours. Wil explained the program and sent a package right out for me knowing that we had a meager income. The package arrived the 12th. I called Wil after reading the booklet and the other information he provided. We talked in lenght again to be sure I followed along. He called every two hours to check on me and gave a number to reach him in case of an emergency. We continued to communicate every few hours during my recovery.
The following week I was out of my wheelchair and off all my meds. I have never been a medicine person, especially working in the medical field, to me, they were poison. I am so thankful to be off my meds. I am eating again. When I placed the call to Wil I wasn't eating at all. I went days without food and if I tried to eat I would vomit.. I have been out of the house and enjoying my life again. My family is very happy with my outcome and I am thrilled that I made the call to Wil. My 17 year old is happy to see mom back to herself and out of the wheelchair.

RLR, Florida

Dr. Wil Spencer VMSP, Naturopath
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22 Jan 2011 16:59 #284 by brtanner
Hi Will,
What an amazing testimonial. This is in the face of all of the assertions that alternative methods are poisonous and damage health permanently.

The ongoing attack on the health of people in the Gulf is beyond scandalous. The testimony that planes were spraying Corexit over the land, over populated areas, seem to have been blacked out of the corporate MSM. That this chemistry seems to directly break down the living systems of the body adds suspicion to the entire Gulf "disaster" (psyop/chemical attack).

Thanks for investing your time and energies in bringing healing methods that work into this virtual war zone. I think that staying true to your purpose, and not taking any of the ignorant attacks against your work personally, has to pay off in the long run.

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