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22 Jan 2011 18:03 - 22 Jan 2011 18:06 #285 by brtanner
Hi Peter,

I recommend reading Gatto's "Underground History of American Education" highly <online at: >. For one thing, he writes in some depth about Dewey and his connection to the corporatist/foundations/communitarian agenda for social engineering. I think that it's a mistake to try to maintain the phony left/right paradigm to prejudge the sources of information. It's all information, we must take responsibility for using our critical thinking on all aspects of it.

As far as the mystery of why the program for educational control continues in the wake of the fall of Stalinism, it seems you're continually struggling to assign people's world views and processes in understanding to intellectual categories. This can only be valid if everyone has a rigid, set idea of our political philosophies and a warning system not to entertain any idea that may conflict with our orthodoxy. All of us are continually changing, and, hopefully, growing in our understandings. People working under the banners of seemingly disparate programs and philosophies have, not coincidentally I'd argue, been creating effects that have synergies pushing human affairs in the direction of what looks like the much-vaunted "Scientific Totalitarianism," aka "The Prison Planet." This is what Raapana is talking about when she exposes the long movement toward Communitarianism, Fabian Socialism, etc.

In my opinion, this is all explained more effectively and practically by the typical nature of human pathology due to the delusion of our separation from the whole of life, what Eckhart Tolle calls "the structural nature of the ego." The point would be that all people stuck in this delusion are addicted to the pursuit of control over "the Other." From this, it makes complete sense that human organization under this "old paradigm" constantly tends toward hierarchy. The ultimate dream is for ONE hierarchy (with, of course, ME at the top). I think it's possible that this dream has permeated world culture for, at a minimum, hundreds of years. The pace of its pressure to attain final domination seems to be accelerating rapidly now. Long ago, the Jesuits stated clearly that they could create useful minions by controlling their educations. What has emerged in "education" in the mass societies all over the world reflects this imperative.

The way out is the way out of the left/right paradigm, which is part of the divide and rule strategies of people with long-term agendas for domination that have come under many names. Let people take self-responsibility for their perception and understanding of the world, without trying to cripple them and program them into world views that fit "our" ends. Having a grand curriculum that "makes" people do this is a contradiction, and, I would suggest, will always mask some agenda of domination.


Comment (Peter M.):

John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyte have opposing perspectives. He is Leftist (Anarchist; like Ivan Illich); she is Right (McCarthyist).

He sees corporate America using schools to regiment children; she sees a Communist plot to indoctrinate children and lower standards.

Gatto's line is that "school is jail". That's an anarchist viewpoint; I don't agree with it, at all. I'm grateful to my teachers, even though I've since learned to think for myself.

She mentions the role of John Dewey, without noting that he was a supporter of Trotsky.

I partly agree with her; but I think that the plot is Trotskyist; that's why it continues despite the fall of Stalinism. Stalinism was a reaction to the earlier "Trotskyist" ("Jewish Communist") phase.

The forces that lost to Stalin in Russia mounted a cultural revolution in the West instead.

One proof is that Stalin outlawed homosexuality, whereas Trots and their Anarchist pals promote the Gay Lobby.

Charlotte Iserbyte is a Tea Party type; she wants government out of our lives. Niki Raapana, the Alaskan Tent Lady, thinks likewise.

I suggested that MacDonalds be targeted for causing obesity. Niki objected, "the War on Obesity is another communitarian invention".

I'd like to get rid of all fast food franchises - to go back to the days of independent cafes, with no marketing - just let passers by call in, as they used to, with no pressure.

Niki thinks this would be unwarranted government intervention.

The point is that, without strong government, Big Business does what it likes. That's not "freedom" for you or me.

In schools, should there by a national curriculum? Or even a state curriculum? Charlotte Iserbyte wants local control instead.

Bruce Tanner wrote:

I hope that everyone has had a chance to look at the work of former teacher John Taylor Gatto and of Charlotte Iserbyte on the deliberate destruction of education in America. I think this is just one case of a general attack on the health and strength and well-being of "peasants" worldwide. Looking for wisdom in the ways youth are brought into what passes now for a "social contract" is pretty much a vain pursuit.
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