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01 Feb 2016 05:13 #50946 by RevPaul
HCL is recommended for obvious reasons, such that it is the same kind of acid in our stomach, despite the only difference being that the body produces HCL (hydrochloric acid) naturally. It's easier on the stomach, and has less taste.

But there has been reports of complaints with using HCL. Why is this?

Let's journey into it. Was 4%, 5%, or 10% HCL used to activate? 10% is available at suppliers for the purpose of making CDS, but now it can be achieved with 4%. It's possible some people may have gotten confused, and used that instead to activate their dose, making it twice as strong.

When the MMS was activated with the HCL, what was the color? Was it amber, or did it look a bit hazy? Did it turn dark much quicker than normal?

Where was it purchased? If all complaints came from the same supplier, then it could be a bad batch. It may be unlikely, but would like to rule it out.

The condition on how a person's stomach produces acid can also play a factor.

Please share your good and bad experiences with using HCL and/or citric acid, so that we can get a better understanding as to why some people can hardly stomach HCL.

Thank you,
Rev. Paul
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