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TOPIC: Reasons why MMS is not working, by Jim Humble

Reasons why MMS is not working, by Jim Humble 30 Mar 2016 01:25 #51659

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Hey everyone, I thought it important to share what things to look out for while doing your protocol...very important for speedy recovery.

Taken from " MMS Health Recovery Manual "

Reasons Why MMS Does Not Work

1. Not following the protocol carefully enough: These protocols are the result of 17 years of treating the diseases of mankind. There are reasons for the exact process given. Those who try to change the process or who are not diligent in following the process exactly can fail. If you are serious about wanting to be in
good health, or wanting to live if you have a lethal disease, please follow the process correctly.

2. Changing the dosing when one is improving: Changing the dosing when one is improving: Remember,
when you are noticing some improvement large or small, do not change anything, but keep doing what
you are doing until there is no more improvement for two weeks. What often happens is when someone
feels he is getting better he will think "if I'm getting better more of the same thing will help me get better faster," but then when he gets sick he doesn't realize it is caused by taking too much and he may get discouraged and quit taking MMS altogether. So remember, as long as you are improving don't
change anything and only go to the next level of MMS doses when you have not seen any improvement
for a two week period.

3. Neutralize MMS in the body: Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, (some herbals teas are ok) alcohol,
orange juice, vitamin C of any kind, all juices with added vitamin C or ascorbic acid, milk, and foods that
are reported to have exceptionally high amounts of antioxidants must not be taken while on the MMS
protocols. All of these foods neutralize MMS directly and also when in the human body.

4. Pharmaceuticals: The decision to take pharmaceutical drugs is a personal one, however, continuing to
take pharmaceuticals, while doing the MMS Protocols, will often slow the MMS health recovery, or
prevent it all together. Occasionally one might need to continue with a pharmaceutical drug for several
days up to a week and possibly more (depending on the situation and the kind and amount of
medications you must wean off of), in order to prevent bad reactions from occurring in the first several
days due to drug shock when the medications are first stopped. Usually it is best to wind down slowly by
reducing the drug in steps, but quickly.

5. Quality and strength of your MMS and activator: Sometimes one can purchase bottles of MMS that
do not have the required strength (usually from an unapproved source) and thus the drops will make a
weaker dose. One way to make sure the dose is the proper strength is to observe and check that the
drops turn amber color after mixing MMS and activator drops and counting 30 seconds. If not,
something is wrong. If they do not turn amber but only turn yellow, only use those drops for a few days
until you get a good batch. If the drops do not even turn yellow, do not use them.6. Taking supplements while on the MMS protocols: Vitamins, minerals, special proteins, special fats, and all other pills that one might add to the diet should not be taken while on MMS protocols. This especially includes foods with high amounts of antioxidants. MMS removes the poisons, destroys the bio-films that protect the pathogens, kills the pathogens, and aids the healing. Supplements not only aid the body, but they aid the pathogens. Unfortunately, most of the time the pathogens are first in line to get the nutrition from the supplements and thus one is furnishing nutrients to the disease while also trying to kill it. For this reason, extra supplements can slow down health recovery or even stop it altogether. It is best to kill off the pathogens completely. Once this is accomplished you can work on building up good nutrition through supplements and a nutritious diet.

7. Previous therapies: We have had people come to us, “on their last leg” who have had multiple
chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgeries which makes it difficult to “restore health.” In this
case, usually the immune system is destroyed and the removal of various organs makes the recovery a
little longer or often considerably longer. Therefore previous therapies, depending on the amount and
to what degree, can prolong health recovery.

8. Attitude can slow healing: A positive attitude does wonders for the soul—and the body! So try to be
positive and less negative and refrain from complaining about things. Some of you may feel attitude is
not so important, and I have to admit, attitude very seldom keeps MMS from working, but it definitely
slows down the healing process, and sometimes considerably.

9. Blood testing: As a rule, blood testing does not keep MMS from working, however there are times
(many times) when blood tests can make it look like MMS is not working. The best way to determine if
MMS is working is by tangible results—how do you feel? Are you gaining weight? Are sores healing and
skin rashes disappearing? Is a general sense of well-being restored? If you have all these positive signs
and yet a blood test comes out negative, it is probably wrong. With HIV and hepatitis C, often times at
first testing when one is feeling better, the blood virus count can go extremely high. This is always a good indicator as it will soon go low. If someone who is using MMS does not understand this, they may believe they are not getting better and stop using MMS. You must leave a sufficient amount of time before blood tests will read accurately, and this depends on the illness. And then, remember, many labs test inaccurately, so more than one opinion is often wise. But most of all, go by how you feel, if energy is restored and wounds disappear, you can pretty much know you are healed.

10. Vaccines: It is a known fact that that vaccines often contain weak pathogens of many kinds of
diseases. Many of these diseases can be active against the body. In addition to the diseases, it is also a
known fact that most vaccines contain mercury chemicals that are extremely poisonous and these
substances slow the healing down considerably in most cases. Thus vaccines my slow your recovery to
health down, however if you continue to follow the instructions they will not prevent your recovery.
MMS also overcomes the bad effects of most or all vaccines.11. Pressure from family and friends: Family and friends can discourage one from doing the protocols correctly by being negative about what is being taken as well as doubting it will even work. If one is prone to cave into this, it can and does prevent MMS from working.

12. Psychosomatic factors: Psychosomatic disorders are real to the person that has them but they don't
really exist i.e. the person believes he or she has a disease that really doesn't exist. This however seldom
happens. Doctors like to use this as an excuse that they cannot help someone, but the fact is,
psychosomatic diseases seldom happen. So it is a possibility that this would be a reason for MMS not

13. Environmental poisons: There are hundreds if not thousands of sources of poisons that all of us
come in contact with. If one is trying to “restore health” and is constantly in contact with high amounts
of toxins, the body's immune system can be occupied with trying to deal with eliminating these toxins
and healing can be slowed down or stopped all together by this situation. In this case, one may have to
remove himself from the toxic area before healing takes place.

14. Fungi: There are several fungi that are unaffected by MMS. They affect mostly the outside of the
body, but one or two of them can go into the mouth and digestive system. MMS is not effective against
them. You can distinguish them from other sores and fungi by the fact that when MMS is applied, it not
only stings and burns badly, but it also makes them worse. However, Aztec Clay, commercially called
Bentonite Clay, or Montmorilinite Clay, usually will kill all the fungi that MMS will not. For infections in
the mouth and digestive system mix a tablespoon of one of these clays into 1/2 glass of water and drink
it down twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This kills the fungus infection in
several days. For anywhere on the skin mix the clay with 50% Vaseline, or olive oil, or coconut oil, and
smear on the fungus. Cover with a cloth or bandage and tape down lightly. If on the feet smear with the
clay Vaseline mixture and put your socks on and wear your shoes. Do once in the morning and once in
the evening before you go to bed (cover with clean socks.)

15. Re-infection: Just because a person has completely “restored health” does not mean that they
cannot re-infect themselves again. If one continues a lifestyle or habits that caused the disease to begin
with, or is continually exposed to a certain disease again after they have had their “health restored”
then re-infection can very well occur. Consider a life style change and do the protocol again.

16. Self-deception: People can deceive themselves into thinking they are well when in fact they are still
sick. One must accept reality and take personal responsibility for his health and continue with the
protocols until all symptoms are gone no matter how long it takes.

17. Improper dosing with MMS. As mentioned above, I repeat, if a person is really sick then he must go slow, i.e. follow the instructions in the protocol carefully. If a person has 4th stage cancer in the liver or lungs then we start with 1 drop an hour. If there is any adverse reaction then we reduce the dose to 1/2 drop an hour. This applies to all so-called terminal diseases. After reducing the dose, stay at that amount until you feel better before beginning to increase the dose again. Increase the doses slowly, but don’t stop! If a person is adding DSMO hourly, i.e. doing Protocol 1000 Plus, and has a Herxheimer reaction,then stop adding the DMSO for a day or so, then try adding it again. Remember, Herxheimer reaction is when the body has so many toxins being dumped into the blood that the body can't eliminate them fast enough, so there are flu-like symptoms (aches and pains in the joints and muscles, fatigue, vomiting and/or diarrhea and other discomforts). When this happens reduce the dosing by at least half, or if symptoms are severe stop taking MMS for a few hours or a day until the discomfort caused by the MMS is gone and then resume MMS but at 1/2 the amount you were taking when the symptoms manifested, then build back up to the suggested dosing from there, but at a pace your body tells you is right.

18. High tension wires and microwaves: It has long been thought that those living close to high tension
wires and microwave towers have a much higher incident of cancer than those who do not. At least the
wires and towers are a suspect. Alternate medicine practitioners often advise sick people to move away
from locations near such wires and towers. I have been advised by a few people that they did feel better
after moving. So if one finds that he still feels bad after doing a protocol and yet you are in close range
of these things, this is something to consider.

19. Chlorine and fluoride. These two poisons are in many of the public water works around the world.
Where they haven’t been able to dump the industrial waste, fluoride, into the water they have been
able to use chlorine. Both are poisonous and both are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and both have the
possibility to make one sick when mixed with a MMS drink, although the MMS can also help one get rid
of the problems generated by them. However both chlorine and fluoride have the ability to slow down
one’s health recovery or even stop it from happening if they are used in the MMS drink continuously.
Please consider using reverse osmosis water, distilled water, or bottled water that does not have either
one of these poisons added or used in any way.
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Reasons why MMS is not working, by Jim Humble 11 Aug 2017 10:31 #56164

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I agree absolutely sir, chlorine, fluoride and bleach are quite the lethal combination.

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