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10 Nov 2016 15:06 #53930 by Bosgirl45
I have been doing MMS protocols for 4 months solid. I am doing protocol 1000+ and some 2000. I do 6-7 drops per hour, and 3-4 MMS2 capsules in between. I also douche 1-2 times per day, several baths per week, also protocol 3000. I am attempting to overcome Herpes type 1&2.
4 days ago I started a juice fast on top of the mms protocols. I hope to eliminate more toxins and parasites from my organs, where the virus may hide. I am wondering if I am negating the effect of the mms while on this juice fast, because all of the antioxidants I am getting with the large amount of vegetable juice. I am drinking almost a gallon of fresh organic vegetable or fruit juice per day. The mms is making me extremely nauseous, not having any food at all for 4 days. It feels like I am pouring acid into my stomach every 30-60 minutes.
I also have been doing monthly liver/gallbladder flushes (Andres Moritz, "the amazing liver and gallbladder flush"). I have done 6 so far, and flushed out 2,800 shiny green intrahepetic stones so far. These flushes were manageable while doing mms protocols, but the juice fast is proving much harder because of the length of the juice fast. I was relying on snacking to deal with the mms protocol nausea, but with the juice fast I'm not eating any food, my stomach is completely empty.
Am I negating the effect of the MMS with the juice fast? Any advice or insights would be appreciated.
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11 Nov 2016 04:02 #53958 by RevPaul
I'd like to give an answer, but think it best to get a hold of Jim's new book "MMS Health Recovery Manual". It will explain in detail what to do, and guide you through.

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15 Nov 2016 12:38 #53984 by Rainbow
Hi Bosgirl,

Very interesting to hear of your experience and very pleased to hear that the flush itself is going successfully. I have just read Moritz's book only weeks ago and am about to do my very first flush today ! I am no expert on either MMS or liver flushing but I suspect that the malic acid in the apple juice may be a strong antioxidant so what I personally decided was not to take MMS at all during prep & flush days. One of the many benefits that have been widely touted about juicing is the antioxidants so that may also negate the MMS though I seem to recall that Michael Harrah did the two simultaneously with success.

You may also recall that Jim Humble states many times that the dosing of MMS should be based upon how well you feel so if your reaction is strong eg "...It feels like I am pouring acid into my stomach..." then it may be an idea to try reducing the dosage ?

I think the combination of flushing & MMS is very potent and must surely be an effective way of combating toxic pathogens. Have you noticed any specific health benefits from the flushing as yet ?
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