CDS dosage for protocol 1000

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20 Nov 2016 13:53 #54001 by Marie13
CDS dosage for protocol 1000 was created by Marie13

I am new to the forum and I think I posted this on the wrong category previously so I am re-posting here.

So if 2ml CDS = 1drop MMS, for a 3 drop dose I would take 6ml in 4oz of water?
If I am making a bottle for 8 hours it would contain (6ml x 8 = 48ml) 48ml of CDS?

I am diluting the 2ml CDS in 4oz water. Is it correct that adding more water to it, it will dilute the taste, but not the strength/effectiveness?

Sometimes I see a yellow gas in the bottle. I know I should not inhale it. Should I aspire/try do ingest with the water by drinking it from the bottle?


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