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11 Jan 2017 00:12 #54409 by jolly roger
Hi all,

Just wondering if apple juice and possibly grape juice with no additives at all (as they are both very low in Vitamin C) in small amounts are still approved?
I did read where Kerri Rivera states only to administer with water. I do add peppermint drops and also have liquid stevia on hand, but it is very sweet and therefore I am not very keen. Another idea was using a peppermint sweet (if ok) and also holding nose while administering MMS.
Hoping someone has had experience using these or other workable and approved additives or could give any appreciated advise or feedback on the fore mentioned juices using about 50 - 75ml (if that is enough)? I am doing protocol 2000 and would like to try any suggestions to make the journey easier.

Thank you

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11 Jan 2017 03:58 #54413 by Edwin3110
The only easier journey is to get used to it MMS.

With the protocol 1000, it is not very smelly if you get used to it. Especially you activated it with HCL instead of citric acid.

Just keep taking it for week and you will begin live with the taste.... just learn to accept it. Learn it for health sake.

One can always start with one drops MMS ingestion until you accept the taste before increase the drops.

When healing diseases, as long you never stop taking MMS, you are doing it right. Try make MMS as part of your healing life.

Taking MMS does not need to be Hassle with handling taste options.

Minister of Health, Penang. Malaysia.

Creator of CDH Plus 1000
A Protocol that can adjust the strength of CD and SC for individual needs.
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