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20 Feb 2017 16:19 #54880 by amh1124
EMERGENCY HELP!!! was created by amh1124
I have a little dog, Chloe, who is very ill. She weighs between 12-13 lbs. She is throwing up and pooping out blood. She got sick off the MMS so I made up a batch of CDS. Even with all the reading and instructions out there, I still am somewhat confused when it comes to CDS and dosing for animals. I was hoping if I described exactly how I made my batch, someone might be able to just tell me how much I administer to her.

I put 50 drops of MMS1 in a baby bottle and blew the chlorine dioxide into another bottle with 1 liter of water. I put in the La Motte test strips which read at 50. This is where I get confused though..50 means how many ppm? ..in one video, Jim puts the test strip directly into the bottle of CDS after blowing it and measures the ppm like that. Other instructions say to put 1ml of CDS into a glass with 9ml of water and then put the test strip into that. Also, in the same video Jim drinks the CDS right from the bottle whereas other instructions say to add water to the CDS. Help! I'm so confused. I just started giving Chloe the CDS and I know it's too strong for her, she keeps throwing it up. I just need to know how much I should give her...please help me!

Thank you


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21 Feb 2017 04:20 #54885 by Brookeo20
Replied by Brookeo20 on topic EMERGENCY HELP!!!
Oh poor pup! 12-13lbs.... the animal protocol is 1 drop per 25lbs, and no acid. The dog could have 2-3 drops in drinking water (non metalic bowl,) a few times a day. Hope she feels better soon! Going to PM you as well.

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