That Smell! Those Colors!

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22 Feb 2017 18:27 #54924 by rhiardrouillard
That Smell! Those Colors! was created by rhiardrouillard
Okay, NOWHERE, in all that I've read and all the videos I've watched, did it mention the SMELL of this stuff oozing out of ones pours. When I woke up this morning my body and the room stunk. :-\ How long does this last? Can other people smell this?

Also, yesterday, maybe the second dose in, I noticed colors seemed a bit brighter. I didn't mention it because I just attributed it to lighting. But it's the same today too. Everything seems brighter and more saturated with color. Comments?
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22 Feb 2017 22:05 #54925 by nonconformist
Replied by nonconformist on topic That Smell! Those Colors!
My sense of smell is more sensitive to bad odors when I have just taken a dose. I more easily smell natural gas odor, any moldy smells, or funky smells from foods such as fish or meat. It's not the meat itself that smells but some component of it--not sure what. Anyway, my sense of smell is heightened to bad odors but it doesn't last all day necessarily. Regarding vision, I notice my glasses prescription changes but it seems temporary whether it's a positive change or negative change. None of the changes I speak of are super annoying or very permanent--just some transient thing that happens. ("This too shall pass.")

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