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11 Feb 2011 19:30 #561 by brtanner
Email message from Bruce Lipton, 2/9/11:

Dear Imaginal Cells and Cultural Creatives,

Moving Toward the Light

Crisis ignites evolution. The challenges and crises the world faces today are actually signs that change is imminent. We are facing our evolution.
How many of you dear readers received the September through January's newsletters I didn't send?

Would you believe that I was a trying a "heady," but apparently unsuccessful, experiment of sending you Magical Etheric Mentated Epistles ("MEMES"?) … sans computer.

Okay — the truth: Over this last year, Margaret's and my life, like yours, has been accelerating as the pace Humanity's evolution is in a state of "quickening." We were on the road so much that, collectively, we were home for less than a total of two months in all of 2010. The newsletters, like the months, disappeared in the non-stop rollercoaster ride that has consumed our lives. For that, I am sorry. We are now applying the brakes on the "ride" and hope to keep on schedule in the coming months. Thank you for your patience.

Our Imperative is Calling
Throughout the year we were honored by invitations to participate with, and contribute to, the evolution of like-minded communities around the world. Everywhere we visited, from New Zealand to Russia, from Tampa to Toronto, from Esalen to Edinburgh, people everywhere were responding to an intuitive awareness that civilization is on the threshold of an imminent upheaval. Citizens from every corner of the planet were grappling with the same fundamental biological phenomenon, a characteristic trait of every living organism known as the Biological Imperative.

Scientists have recognized that all organisms, from the lowest bacteria through humans and beyond, are endowed with an innate behavioral drive that forces them to react to any threat that compromises survival. The Imperative states that when an organism's or species' life is threatened, those life forms will unconsciously engage behavioral responses needed to preserve their lives.

For example, if you try and kill a bacterium, it will not passively "sit" there and accept that fate. This primitive organism will engage a variety of cellular processes to sustain its life, from physically moving away from the threat, to encapsulating itself inside a protective shell known as a spore.

In every country visited, we met loving audiences who just "knew," in the pit-of-their-gut, that the immediate future will present profound challenges to survival. The gut knowing that drove them to that realization is the manifestation of an "activated" Biological Imperative. Interestingly, around the world, people's fears were essentially focused on the same issues: job security, dwindling finances, climate change and its principle consequence, imminent food shortages.

The perceived threats are not just directed to individual humans, the threats are a challenge to the survival of Humanity — the super-organism comprised of 7 billion human "cells."

The Light in the Darkness
As emphasized in The Biology of Belief, "There are only three responses an organism can have to any stimulus: move to it, move away from it, or ignore it." A "moving toward" response is a growth response wherein one is open to engage, and perhaps assimilate, the stimulus. A "moving away" response is a protection response, wherein the individual is closed to the stimulus as it engages in escape behaviors. The third response is no response at all, a situation wherein an individual does not attribute any positive or negative inference to the stimulus, and simply ignores it.

At the current moment, it "appears" that a mass of the public is responding to impending threats of extinction by adopting a growth-inhibiting protection response to their perceived fears. Perhaps an equally large number of people are simply ignoring their Biological Imperative's warnings with the idea that things will get better soon.

AND YET … I am so truly happy to report this. … Our travel experiences suggest that a massive and ever growing world population is now responding to the perceived darkness with a life-sustaining, growth-promoting behavior — the creation of conscious communities. Around the globe, increasing numbers of people, every day, are sharing a growing realization that we are not at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves. People seeking personal empowerment are drawn to these conscious communities wherein they begin to learn and experience how truly powerful they are in shaping the character of their lives.

The central theme of these evolving communities is obviously concerned with survival, and in that regard, they have essentially all come to the same conclusion: We must profoundly change the way we are living on this planet! But bear in mind, new life-sustaining behaviors cannot be built upon the existing cultural beliefs, for it is these beliefs that are the cause of the problem.

Consequently, civilization must pass through a phase of chaos, a time in which old cultural beliefs transform into new awareness. Our Biological Imperative warning system is actually responding to the impending period of chaos. Fortunately, the evolution of the Internet represents a vital force in constraining the inevitable chaos period because it provides for a virtually instantaneous expansion in global awareness.

So, a period of chaos is likely, how will you weather the storm? If we focus our attention on the scary state of civilization's erosion, our energy is actually feeding the old paradigm. I don't mean that we should "put our heads in the sand," for being aware of environmental issues is obviously fundamental to our survival. My point is that we should not "invest" our energy with concerns over the old paradigm, but rather channel the energy into processes designed to create a more harmonious planet. Survival is enhanced by working for something positive rather than working against something negative.

But what can we do, as individuals, to alleviate the consequences of the impending chaos? Perhaps we can take a lesson from firewalkers. By changing the focus of our consciousness, we can safely traverse the fiery path. A problem arises when we take into consideration that each of us has created our own unique "fiery" path in life. Consequently, there is no "one plan" for survival that fits all.

Do the Math
In place of formulating specific prescriptions, I would like to offer for consideration the "Survival Equation" which Steve and I provided in Spontaneous Evolution.

The factors in this equation apply to the survival of each human, as well as to Humanity, the collective community of all humans. A civilization's or an individual's survival is directly affected by each element in the formula. Some of the factors we influence and some are out of our control. The path to sustainability is based on preparing for those factors that are out of our control, while learning mastery over the factors that we can influence.

In the formula, Total Energy refers to the quantity of energy available for the organism. From that total we must subtract the energy used to fund the growth processes that sustain life. The same energy source is also used to empower an individual's protection behaviors, needed to ward off threats. In today's world, we are finding that the total amount of available energy per person is diminishing, meaning we must now learn to conserve on our energy expenditures.

The energy required to grow and maintain an organism is basically a fixed budget. However, the energy expended for protection is a variable based on real and perceived environmental threats. The more fear we experience in our lives, the more energy we use to protect ourselves. Too much fear can bankrupt the budget and compromise the growth functions necessary to sustain life. Simply, we can be "scared to death."

The United States is dying, in a large part, because of the massive quantities of energy (money) we expend in support of the Department of Defense, an ancient war machine designed to allay our fears. As The Biology of Belief describes, the added expense of the fear is that it represents the primary cause of disease and in itself, has created a medical debt that is also bankrupting the nation.

Consequently, the fixed growth budget of an individual can be subverted by an over-active need, or belief in a need, for protection. One of the main factors in enhancing our survival is to redirect the energy we currently use to feed and defend against fear. Especially since most of the fear is generated by the mass media which is paid for by the corporate beneficiaries of fear — the military industrial complex and the healthcare industry.

As humans have ravaged the Earth and mined its resources we are now realizing that a decline in Resource Availability is seriously compromising our survival. We have gone beyond peak oil and it is becoming a profound threat to global survival. Perhaps more seriously, we are experiencing a rapid decline in food resources due to climate change, environmental pollution, the die-off of bees and other environmental disruptions.

We may not be able to reverse this trend, but being forewarned is being forearmed. In the May 2010 newsletter, I expanded on the subject of emergency preparedness. I wish to emphasize that now is a good time to stock up on your needs and cushion yourself against the shock of potential chaos. At the present moment, resources are available and can be put away for the proverbial "rainy day." Consider resource availability as a fundamental factor in securing a survival advantage in a basically unstable world. When an individual is personally secure, that person then becomes a positive contributor to the evolution of the whole community.

Fortunately, the two most important factors governing survival are concerned with Efficiency and Awareness. We are "fortunate" in regard to the fact that we can personally influence our efficiency and awareness, and in the process profoundly influence our survival. We can reap the greatest personal rewards by investing our energy and efforts into enhancing our levels of efficiency and awareness.

Every effort we exercise in creating more efficiency in our day-to-day activities directly enhances and prolongs our survival. Efficiency is directly translated into a conservation of energy and resources. Over the years we have been programmed to believe there will always be enough, and as a result our subconscious behaviors have not been sensitized for the need to be efficient.. The consequence of inefficiency is profoundly simple … extinction. Every time you conserve energy and resources, the savings is added to the life of the biosphere.

Awareness is the most powerful influence in acquiring a sustainable world. As my work emphasizes, our limitations are primarily a manifestation of our own limiting beliefs. The world is awakening to the fact that each of us is a powerful co-creator of life, and if we cooperate, like cells in a healthy human body, we can literally create Heaven on Earth.

For thousands of years we have been programmed to perceive of ourselves as helpless victims trying to survive in a world of unending struggle. Throughout this time, first the Church and, more recently, Medicine (healthcare industry) have convinced us that in our helpless state, we are dependent upon their services to acquire spiritual harmony and health. Considering the exorbitant fees for their services, it is safe to say these "industries" were not strictly dedicated to a humanitarian mission.

Today however, new awareness concerning the spirit-mind-body trilogy provides the public with the truth that we are never disconnected from spirit and that our bodies are innately self-healing. The merging of frontier science with ancient wisdom provides an understanding that allows us to shed our programmed image of perpetual "victim." Knowledge is power and this particular new knowledge of "self" offers the opportunity to regain personal empowerment and control over the unfoldment of our lives.

Awareness is the most powerful factor in influencing survival. The knowledge that shaped our lives as children has been fundamentally revised, providing newer, more sustainable awareness that supports both us and Mother Earth.. We must seek this new knowledge, for it is key to our survival and evolution. Conscious communities are a primary source for this new self-empowering wisdom.

The Light on the Horizon
Margaret and I are excited and encouraged by personally experiencing the impact the new biology is having on communities around the world. It is truly an awareness that is providing a steppingstone for Humanity's evolution. The new knowledge of "self" frees humanity from two millennia of disempowering cultural programming that has constrained our conscious creativity.

However, the power to influence our lives does not come from the mere possession of this awareness, it comes from the behaviors that are shaped by this awareness. Simply, it's not the talk … it's the walk that counts..

Now is not the time to get caught up in the fear of chaos or disconnect by falling prey to "weapons of mass distraction." We must gather our Awareness and tweak our Efficiency so that we can actively participate in the greatest adventure in human history — conscious evolution!

With Love and Light,
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