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18 Aug 2016 01:57 #53209 by PeaceBeliever1
I would like to chime in. I've read every post in this thread. My only concern is the same as a couple others have expressed on here
in reference to believing you are cured HPV2 and HPV! if you receive a negative PCR test.

As Tsubasa1 has stated the PCR test means nothing. I wish it did!! I was diagnosed with both blood and swab of a sore in May of 2015.
The doctor said the blood would say for sure but as I know now it's the swab that's accurate. My test did reveal it was recent which I knew.

I have faith in God. I prayed believed and hadn't had any other sores but the one. I went to get tested blood of course. PCR and it was negative! I was ecstatic and grateful to God but it was short lived. The doctor asked why the tears and I told her I was already diagnosed with HPV2. She said if it was a swab then yes accurate. The blood test negative doesn't mean you don't have it. I've since had 2 breakouts. Fortunately they are mild. I know when they're coming as well. I get an ache in my buttock one side or the other. Usually after I've had more than 2 cocktails, wine or beer. I've done so much research! I do know that blood tests are not accurate. If you do research you'll discover this as well.

I don't know what is the way to truly find out your body is ever free of it. One person on this thread said to get an IGG test to know. I'm now looking into this. I would love to hear Bervin Jackson's take on testing. I'm sure he's aware blood tests are not accurate. I do understand his obvious frustration. If he's truly helping others and getting negativity from it for whatever reason, I would hope he would understand how
many people are taking advantage of those who are stricken, those who are so desperate and come on here a bit more positive and empathetic rather than defensive. I know it's frustrating to know how to help someone but they don't do what it takes to help themselves.

My plan is to eat right first for 30 days. No meat, fish, dairy or wheats, carbs, except vegetables, no coffee, caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar.
At the same time I'll be using Dr. Sebi's 375.00 month plan. Then my body will be in an alkaline state and clear of mucus and a good flora gut condition. Month 2 I'll continue to eat the same. Stop Dr. Sebi's and begin with the MMS follow Archbishop Jim Humble's program from his guide.

My only concern and it's not really a concern, I'll figure it out, is I believe it was Opulence who said she was to eat meat chicken and turkey, much protein because it is needed. If Mr. Jackson wouldn't mind commenting on that with his knowledge I'd be grateful. I don't feel I should have to pay money for just that knowledge itself. Eating meat will take my body out of the alkaline state. Hopefully the MMS Health recovery Pre release # 2 will talk on that.

For now I have to get my mind right and plan the foods I'll eat for the next 60 to 90 days, get my supplements, monolaurin (concentrated coconut oil) and immune support vitamins. I take Source naturals wellness formula herbal defense and Lysine, among others.
I'll continue to find the accurate test that I can be confident I am free of this and will never pass it to anyone. I will never be obligated to tell anyone.

Anyone can eat right and not get a breakout but pass it on to others, FACT. I understand going through this disciplined protocol and desiring so strongly to be free of this one would like to believe with a blood test they are free, Lord knows I did. But it's irresponsible and dangerous. You know you would never want to give this to anyone.

If I rid mine, you can be sure, without a doubt I truly am. I also know my triggers. In 90 days I'll go have about 4 glasses of wine! BUT that won't be good enough. I need the accurate test. Again, if anyone knows more of the accurate test please share.
Wow! I just looked for both of my tests. I can't find my positives right at the moment but I will upload to show the type of tests. But look at this, it is the IGG. Hmmm...

I can assure you I'm not negative. It didn't show antibodies but I've had 2 outbreaks since that test.

I don't understand how this isn't a topic among these threads. I commend the two people who have spoken up on here. They're not being negative at all.
You want to know you are truly free. I would love to hear from the ones who have said they are free, cured. Can we reach out to them to see if they are indeed still outbreak free and confident in their cured status?

Lastly, I wish Archbishop Jim Humble would speak more of this since there's doubt yet I've read on here he knows of people who are cured. Moderator??
Do you have that pull?

Thank you everyone! God Bless you. Know for sure you can live free of outbreaks but you must live a healthy lifestyle.
I know God cures/heals. Our faith has to be soooo unshakable and unfortunately with this condition emotions are too high. It's so difficult to
act and believe when you could infect someone else. XO

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18 Aug 2016 02:24 #53211 by PeaceBeliever1
I just read that it takes 3-6 months after infection for blood to show positive with the IGG antibody test.
Mine was taken at the 4 month mark. That explains why it came out negative. Perhaps if I took one now it would show positive.

Just found my own solution to my question as to what test will be accurate. The IGG.

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20 Aug 2016 00:15 #53228 by PeaceBeliever1
Wondering if you ever rid your herpes.
Hope you are well.

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20 Aug 2016 00:18 #53229 by PeaceBeliever1

Did the protocol work?

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20 Aug 2016 00:20 #53230 by PeaceBeliever1
Hi Patty

could you share where you are on your journey and is your
friend still negative?

Hope you are well.

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20 Aug 2016 00:23 #53231 by PeaceBeliever1
Hello there,

Wondering how you are and if you ever had success.

Thank you for your reply in advance. I'm considering trying this but
so controversial and no real testimonies.

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20 Aug 2016 00:31 #53232 by PeaceBeliever1
Hello there,

How are you? Have you had success. Would you mind sharing
your update?

I sure hope you're well.

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07 Nov 2016 17:49 #53920 by Lily44
First time on here...I am determined to rid this virus as well. I am on protocol 1000+ for 6 days now. Up to 3 drops every hour with DMSO. I don't understand the four large doses of 15 14 13 12 drops? Is that just four times a day instead of the 3 drops every hour for 8-10 hours per day?
Would mean the world to me to get some feed back & to be in touch with Opulence or someone who has gotten a negative test.
I have had the gential herpes for a few years but rarely get a OB fortunately. I don't want to pass it on & have had a seizure disorder since a child that I know can be affected by the virus.
Please help me so I too can help others!
The following user(s) said Thank You: fourfingerz

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04 Dec 2016 12:56 #54093 by claudiaMMS
lily hi i have genital herpes too... i still dont beging with the drops... did you eliminated the virus of your system?

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