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MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 15 Feb 2012 05:06 #12560

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date 23 January 2012 10:44

subject mms for hiv

Emails posted with kind permission of Brian Fisher

Hi ZnzMagic, I started using mms in 2010 when the protocal was 15drops 3 times a day. I did this for almost a year then i stopped the beginning of 2011 because I didn't see any results. After reading jim humbles new book i decided to give it another try because the meds are doing a number on my body. I have been doing 3drops for 8 hours since the last 2 weeks of december 2011 to the present( january 23 2012). I stopped taking the meds the first week of january and now I fell a little sick. I'm sweating a lot when I sleep, my glands in my throat feels slightly tight and I have this slight headache thats been with me for 5 days know. Earlier in the week my body was real achey like I had the flew or something.

Am I doing something wrong, because I should feel better than I do. Did I stop taking meds to soon, please help me

I feel continued use of the meds will kill me, please help me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Will

p.s. Also what kind of foods should i be eating while on mms uptill now for the first eight hours of my day I don't eat at all, I'm scared food will make mms less effective

Hi Brian.

Thanks for your mail.

Would advice you carry on doing 3 drops activated for 8 or up to 12 hours every day, unless it makes you any more sicker than you are, until wellness.

MMS has no nutritional value so you should be eating a good diet and drinking as much fluids as possible, do not worry about food making MMS in active, it wont, the only thing you are not to use 2 hours before and after taking your doses is vitamin C and ascorbic acid.

Eat and drink as you usually do, just avoid vitamin c even in juices sold in those packages which have a high level of vitamin c, use fresh juice.

Sweat is poison coming out of your body, your body needs a bit of temperature sometimes to heal itself, headaches are probably from poisonous gases from your stomach as pathogens are getting destroyed and their fumes raise to the head, can make you dizzy, you are healing, sometimes you have to be a bit sicker before you get better, in the case of cancer for a day or 2 you might think you are going to die and than all goes better, quick improvements after that on the cancer protocol, so even the tight throat is a healing reaction, perhaps you should though consider using calcium and magnesium supplements including vitamin c once you have finished your daily dose or before starting your daily dose 2 after after or before as mentioned.

Could you do MMS baths/tub protocol.

Use olive oil to sooth your skin if you like, you are healing keep at it and no need for ARVs no more, add some sport even walking is good, sunlight and fresh air, rest and a good life style, sleep, nutrition, fruit, raw vegetables, soups and vitamins, nutrients and minerals to supplement your diet.

Try and avoid animal products, otherwise try and use any immune building foods, dates, honey, kalonji oil, coconuts, fruit and more fruit and salads, nuts, brazil nut......

Read the chapter in Jims book about the after and side effects of MMS, Vomiting, Nausea, sleep, Hexheimer effects, etc.....


Thank you for the words of incouragement I will stay at it, and by the way I have been a vegan since 1991 so I guess I'm on the right track thanks again for getting back to me, I so appreciate it....................

Vegan does not always mean healthy, was trying to emphasize raw diet rather, cooked food even vegan has lost most of its goodness from cooking, try and have a balanced dite, bhuddists say a bit everything is good, as an after thought can you get yourself some DMSO, together with MMS, it carries the MMS deeper into tissues for a deeper detox, protocol 1000+.



Hi Brian.

Thanks for your mail.

I believe this is an opportunistic disease attacking the skin, or some remains of dirt trying to come out, it is usually an opportunistic disease which heals after a week or two of MMS followed by more smaller prickly bumps with dirt being drawn out to the skin, believe you have been ill for quite a number of years and the ARVs were also causing damage, please keep on the sacrament-protocol 1000 and take it easy to try and build up your immune system now.

Do you have any idea what your CD4 counts are.......

If you immune system is repaired with MMS and you can built it up with diet and supplements, rich foods such as kalonji oil, dates etc.....

Keep doing MMS orally, also the sprays.

Do you have a bath tub, you could do the tub-bath protocol should be of great help especially if you are taking MMS orally, you can build up with activated drops in the bath starting at say 20 up to 60 or 80 and staying in the water for 20 top 30 minutes.

All those skin conditions should disappear and after that use olive oil to leave a great healthy skin.

MMS 2 baths could also be used.

Not sure for how long you have had one or more conditions, if it has been for a long time, please carry on doing the sacrament-protocol 1000 longer and see if you can get some DMSO so that you move up to protocol 1000+, even do a little MMS2 if your body can handle it until you are well.

Have you been reading the other articles on the forum about HIV-AIDS



Hello David,
I'm sending this email to let you know that the DMSO has arrived but I'm not sure how to use it, also I woke up this morning with slightly swollen tonsils also my lymph node in my left underarm is a little swollen, should I be worried? I'll try gargling with mms for the tonsils but for the underarm I don't know what to do. Also the skin rash itching is getting a little less intense thank god. Please get back to me as soon as possible thanks.....
By the way just would like to tell you, you have been a godsend to me, just having someone to talk too has been such a big help to me, Thanks again

Hi Brian.

Thanks for your mail.
You activate the MMS1 as usual, once activated than add a table spoon of DMSO and shake or stir so that they mix, give the DMSO say 5 minutes to bind with the MMS, than add your favorite fresh juice or water and drink as per normal protocol.

They say lymph nodes are were pathogens hide and are produced, destroyed etc, broken down pathogens will pass through lymph nodes should not worry, but it takes time for them to be ejected out, exercise is encouraged to get the blood running and pumping so that poisons are pushed through lymph nodes faster.

Please carry on with protocol 1000 with the added DMSO and bath protocols, things will only get better, sometimes lymph nodes getting worse means you are healing, you can get worse first as poisons are trying to find a way out but they will find a way out and you will get better.

Do not worry the MMS is working and the DMSO will bring more results, take it easy and slow if 3 drops every hour are to much reduce and go uop again once you can handle more.


Just an after thought with the DMSO with about 1 percent of people it can cause a counter reaction, better clean a piece of skin on your forearm and rub a drop or two into it first and see if there is any reaction to the DMSO if not in about 30 minutes than you are okay and can mix it in MMS to drink.


Thanks David
So am I just taking a tablespoon of DMSO once or am I taking every hour with the mms(8-12)
Every hour with the MMS, 8 to 12 times a day, start with smaller amount than a table spoon and build up... I do it 4 to 5 times a day with DMSO, the rest of the time just MMS, the taste can take time to get used to it, they say it gives bad breath my girl does not want any kisses than........


Okay i will start,by the way I put a couple of drops on my forearm before bed. Nothing really happened, just a tingling in the beginning so I went to sleep checked my arm this morning and nothing, so I guess I'm okay...........

You are okay, thanks,
Hi David just one more question, can food also be consumed while taking DSMO?
Also I've started taking it using half of a tablespoon. I'll do this for a week, than go up to 1 tablespoon. And boy is that stuff nasty yuck.........Thanks

Yes you may eat, and DMSO can be measured out equal to the amount of MMS drops you are using.

5 drops of liquid is almost a small teaspoon of liquid....

DMSO is the be added to the MMS once the MMS is activated, than give the DMSO about 3 minutes to bind with the MMS before adding water or juice to drnk, try and add quite abit of water or juice as the DMSo is quite strong and could burn your throat if not diluted enough.


Hi David , just thought you would like to know that I woke up this morning and the rash I had all over my back, stomach, parts of my leg and neck has gone away. All thats left is just dry skin which is just slightly itchy but nothing like before I'm so happy. Also my tonsils are no longer swollen, isn't that great. And today is the first time in a week and a half that I didn't come home from work and take a 2hour nap.
Matter of fact this is the most energy I've had in about a month. Guess I'm on my way........Thanks

Thanks, Hallelujah.........

What more can I say....

Keep it up you inspire me too......


Hi David I have a problem. I work in a hospital and since using Dmso, the oder it gives off has been problematic. Patients and employees have been complaining, its been a very difficult two days. I've been asked by hospital administration to stop what ever I am taking because the smell is offending people, I don't know what to do. Is it possible I can use it in my mms bath maybe please help.

By the way last night I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to change my shirt because I didn't sweat at all. oh yeah I have lost 6-7 pounds in about a two week span, should I be concerned.

Hi Brian.

Thanks for your mail.
Yes it can be added to baths..... Build up the dosage slowly in baths..

No concern for weight lose your body will know automatically what your natural weight is if you are eating a balanced diet, your true body is coming back..

Use Dmso when you are off shift perhaps, at home.......

Hi Brian.

Just remembered there are 2 types of DMSO, one has a very strong smell and the other not, perhaps change the supplier, can get more info for you on the right DMSO to be used.

There are 2 grades of DMSO.

Medical and Industrial.

The Industrial smell will gag a maggot!

If you have DMSO that smells, flush it down the toilet
and get the Medical grade that is colorless an odorless.

May I also use our email correspondences as testimonials, can change your name if you like.........


Yes David you can use my testimonials. Now as far as the DMSO, I got it from the same site I get my mms and citric acid. It doesn't say on the bottle whether its industrial or not. Only thing it says on the bottle is"dimetylsulfoxide 99.85%,for use as a solvent only.Caution combustible liquid,not for drug use". And in small print it talks about avoiding prolonged contact with skin. Anyway I haven't had any since last tueday and I can still taste it in me. I just hope the smell has subsided because it has not been pleasant at work for me.

Hey david just to let you know I have had a bad case of dandruff for years now, dry flakey and extremely itchy scalp. Since taking the mms baths after two days the dry flakes are completly gone. Even the itching has stopped, do you believe it, wow I am amazedanyway I will continue to keep you updated thanks again....

By the way if you know where I can get correct DMSO let me know, but why would the place that sells the mms sell the wrong DMSO, I don't know talk to you soon bye.......

Hi Brian.

Thanks for your mail.
Here is someone that could help you further with DMSO, Michael Harrah a great friend of mine on the Genesis 2 Church Forum,,

"Michael Harrah"


Emails above are correspondences from Jan 23rd 2012 to Feb 13th 2012, updates will follow….

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Re: MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 20 Feb 2012 08:08 #12849

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Hello All,

As some people are talking about their CD4 / VL, I thought it might be any useful to share my data in this forum.
It is interesting to see on the attached sheet how my CD4 and VL have been changing. Its pattern is quite like what some others had already talked in the forum.
I was almost killed by Pneumocystis pneumonia in 2007, and was taking ARV drugs since then.

My quick history of MMS is;

Started taking MMS2 (4caps/day) on May 20, 2011.

Switched to MMS1 (Protocol 1000) on May 27, 2011, but
gave up on MMS1 in a week due to severe diarrhea.
and resumed taking MMS2 only.

Stopped taking ARV drugs on Sep.27, 2011.

Started taking MMS1 (P1000+DMSO) on Oct.26, 2011 and continued it for 5 weeks.
I had persistent dry coughing for weeks, but no fever or any other painful symptoms. I was just as active as usual after all, but it was somewaht like reviewing the pneumonia in 2007.
Maybe MMS was detoxificating the antibiotics left in my lungs since 2007??
No MMS2 during this P1000.

After the 5 weeks, in early Dec.2011, resumed MMS2 (2caps/day) and reduced MMS1 (to 6drops/1x/day) through today.
(currently no DMSO added... my kitchen is too cold for DMSO and it is frozen :woohoo: )

It's been about three months since I completed P1000, and my CD4 still keeps going down as low as 182, as of Feb.16 2012.
Although my doctor is worried I could pick the pneumonia again (my doctor knows I don't take ARV anylonger), I feel much healthier as tense muscles in my back and neck are relaxed and skin condition is improved.

Now I'm hoping my CD4 count kicks back again anytime soon (and VL goes down), but also have a feeling that detoxfication of ARV and any other chems / metals in my body will take lot more time.

Any questions or advice are welcomed.
Thank you !


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Re: MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 22 Feb 2012 17:01 #13017

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Thank You for your testimony! In short, I want to be you. I'm currently trapped in a "free" clinic where the name of the game is hiv cocktail. I do get my meds free (a private entity pays my $3,500/monthly cost). I am feeling the ARV's chemical overload more than ever and I want out. I take 1,850 pills a year and I'm tired, especially my insides! I took myself off the meds to start MMS late last year and notified my NP who treated me like a crazy person. They fell to 150. They were at 315. The VL went from viritually undetectable to 150,000 within a couple of months. It did freak me out. More importantly, the MMS took effect and caused the Herxheimer reaction by blowing up the herpes cold sores all over my lips! No more cold sores and acyclovir pills!

I see that you are living at a low t cell count and it could very easily rise, naturally, and not artificially. Like you, I'm willing to go down the road less traveled, and start trusting in my immune system, MMS and DMSO, and fresh food too!

I'm not new to being hiv positive. I tested positive at 19, now I'm 44. I guess my question is, what would you do? I do get my HBP medicine from them and I do get to see a NP regularly. The underlying culture in this clinic does not want alternative medicine or the word cure spoken. When I have mentioned MMS, my NP talks to me like I'm a desparate nutcase and offers me more anti-depressants. So, should I keep on going and toss the ARV's out, totally break away or what?

The following user(s) said Thank You: ZnzMagic, paul, Sky

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Re: MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 22 Feb 2012 18:55 #13023

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Hi Jude,

Big Welcome to the forum and thanks for your contribution, reminds me of one of the Sex Pistols songs we used to blast as teenagers sitting in a pub pondering the task of getting back into boarding school undetected.......,

---- Should we go or should we stay, if we go there could be trouble, if we stay it could be worse ----

This could be the New World version of the classic punk song....

---- Should I throw the ARVs down the toilet or keep taking them, it could be trouble throwing them down the toilet, but by keep taking the ARVs it could be worse

Yeah I know I would make a terrible song writer.......

Its is your call whether to dump the ARVs down the toilet or not, would suggest you should be well into the protocols before dumping them, and anyway once you start the protocol with MMS the ARVs are getting destroyed by MMS anyway, so even if you carry on using them ARVs will not have the effect they are supposed to have on you as MMS destroys all poisons......

Thanks and good luck, I am sure there are more members with ARVs experience who will be able to help you further in making a wise and correct decision....

Do what is right.......................


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Re: MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 23 Feb 2012 03:52 #13036

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Hi Jude,

Your herxheimer reaction to MMS could also be described as "Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome" which comes up to you when your immune system starts to rebuild, like I had tough coughing during P1000 recalling my past pneumonia. My coughing lasted for weeks even while I was sleeping, but it slowly went away using no meds, and I am sure it was not from recent infection like flu as I had no fever at all.

I still believe I made a right dicision about my stopping ARV as I feel far better than before.

When I told my doctor that I had stopped taking ARV, he was of course not happy about my decision, but he said it was at least better stopping all ARV at once than reducing partially or gradually.

I have not told my doctor anything about MMS, and he simply decided giving me a break for awhile maybe because I looked a bit pressured or tired of meds.
So, I am sure he will start pushing me to resume ARV sometime in the future, but I will never go back to ARV as long as I feel healthy no matter what figures my blood shows.

I hope you stay confident on your decision and MMS practice, and start feeling better than when you were with ARV.

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Re: MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 24 Feb 2012 10:38 #13076

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Thank you ZnzMagic/Jude and Taka for posting these Testimonials!!

They are such a beacon of light to others out there!!

One word of advice to consider in getting those CD4 numbers up: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

Get your diet in a place where you are eating fresh whole foods. Grow your own veggies and avoid as much sugar, starch and red meats as possible. That goes for canned and other process foods too!

Wishing you Love and Health!
The following user(s) said Thank You: ZnzMagic, T.M.

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Re: MMS for HIV TESTIMONIAL 24 Feb 2012 12:59 #13079

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Totally agree Sky, Nutrition with vitamin, minerals and nutrients as supplements and sooner or later your stomach relearns and starts taking in all the goodness from your food.

The bottom line is that in designing a treatment plan, the care of cleaning the liver is critical.

If the toxins in the liver build up and are not removed, it can cause the death of the liver, which means the death of the patient.

• "The liver (among its many other functions) is the major organ of detoxification. Anything we can do to ease our toxic burden makes the liver’s job easier – including eating less, drinking more water, reducing our intake of toxins, exercising more, eating more fibre, and so on. There are also a number of herbs that help the liver with its detoxification tasks. These include dandelion root, yellow dock, burdock, chickweed and barberry – which are more effective when taken in combination than singly."


Another thing that will ease the burden on the liver is the lymph system. The lymph system also helps remove toxins from the blood, but the lymph system does not have a "pump," such as the circulatory system has (the "pump" of the circulatory system is the heart).

The lymph system is only pumped by exercise.

• "Like the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system is made up of channels or vessels, valves and filters (nodes). Unlike the bloodstream system, however, there is no pump like the heart. Instead, the lymphatic fluid is forced through the system by the action of the muscles and breathing."


The lymphatic system is critical to the immunity system, to the treatment of cancer-AIDS-HIV and to taking a burden off of the liver. Many cancer-HIV-AIDS patients, for a variety of reasons, are in no condition to go for long walks, jog, or do other types of exercise. However, the good news is that the arm muscles are just as good, and perhaps better, at pumping the lymphatic system as are the legs. Thus, lifting hand weights can accomplish much in helping the lymphatic system.

Microbes cannot survive in a highly alkaline environment or a highly oxygenated environment. Thus, it is also recommended to take some oxygen products, such as stabilized oxygen, FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide, ozonated water, etc.

Read more about pH levels, acidic and alkaline bodies
Here is a link to a JUICE that gets your pH back to where it should be, basically lemons, liver and kidney, gallbladder flushes.....UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI / MAGIC OF NGCOLOSI


Try and use

Exercise, arms getting exercised helps pump the lymph modes in armpits and neck, head area, leg exercises doing the same for the lower part of the body.

Special eating needs for people living with HIV/AIDS

A person who is infected with HIV/AIDS and is not showing signs of illness does not need a specific “HIV-diet”. However, those infected with HIV should make every effort to adopt healthy and balanced nutrition patterns in order to meet their increased protein and energy requirements and maintain their nutritional status.

Once people with HIV/AIDS become ill they will have special needs, which are described below.


When infected with the HIV virus the body's defence system - the immune system - works harder to fight infection. This increases energy and nutrient requirements. Further infection and fever also increase the body's demand for food. Once people are infected with HIV they have to eat more to meet these extra energy and nutrient needs. Such needs will increase even further as the HIV/AIDS symptoms develop.

HIV/AIDS reduces food intake

People with HIV/AIDS often do not eat enough because:

• the illness and the medicines taken for it may reduce the appetite, modify the taste of food and prevent the body from absorbing it;

• symptoms such as a sore mouth, nausea and vomiting make it difficult to eat;

• tiredness, isolation and depression reduce the appetite and the willingness to make an effort to prepare food and eat regularly;

• there is not enough money to buy food.

HIV/AIDS reduces the absorption of food

Food, once eaten, is broken down by digestion into nutrients. These nutrients pass through the gut walls into the bloodstream and are transported to the organs and tissues in the body where they are needed. One of the consequences of HIV and other infections is that since the gut wall is damaged, food does not pass through properly and is consequently not absorbed.
Diarrhoea is a common occurrence in people with HIV/AIDS. When a person has diarrhoea the food passes through the gut so quickly that it is not properly digested and fewer nutrients are absorbed.

Reduced food intake and absorption lead to weight loss and malnutrition.

When a person does not eat enough food, or the food eaten is poorly absorbed, the body draws on its reserve stores of energy from body fat and protein from muscle. As a result, the person loses weight because body weight and muscles are lost.

The weight loss may be so gradual that it is not obvious. There are two basic ways to discover whether weight is being lost.

• Weigh the person on the same day once a week and keep a record of the weight and date (see sample sheet in Annex 4). For an average adult, serious weight loss is indicated by a 10 percent loss of body weight or 6-7 kg in one month. If a person does not have scales at home it might be possible to make an arrangement with a chemist, clinic or local health unit to weigh him or her.

• When clothes become loose and no longer fit properly.

If a person loses weight he or she needs to take action to increase weight to the normal level.


Weight is gained by eating more food, either by eating larger portions and/or eating meals more frequently, using a variety of foods as described in the previous chapter. Here are some suggestions for gaining weight:

• Eat more staple foods such as rice, maize, millet, sorghum, wheat, bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams and bananas.

• Increase intake of beans, pumpkin seeds, lentils, peas, groundnuts, peanut butter and seeds, such as sunflower and sesame.

• Include all forms of meat, poultry, fish and eggs as often as possible. Minced meat, chicken and fish are easier to digest. Offal (such as kidney and liver) can be the least expensive source.

• Eat snacks regularly between meals. Good snacks are nuts, seeds, fruit, yoghurt, carrots, cassava crisps, crab crisps and peanut butter sandwiches.

• Slowly increase the fat content of the food by using more fats and oils, as well as eating fatty foods - oilseeds such as groundnuts, soy and sesame, avocados and fatty meat. If problems with a high fat intake are experienced (especially diarrhoea), reduce the fat intake until the symptoms are over and then gradually increase it to a level that the body can tolerate.

• Introduce more dairy products such as full-cream milk, sour milk, buttermilk, yoghurt and cheese into the diet.

• Add dry milk powder to foods such as porridge, cereals, sauces and mashed potatoes. However, do not use coffee and tea whiteners, which do not have the same nutritional benefits as milk. Note that some people may find milk difficult to digest. It should be avoided if it causes cramps, a feeling of being full or skin rashes.

• Add sugar, honey, jam, syrup and other sweet products to the food.

• Make meals as attractive as possible.

• Recipes following these recommendations for gaining weight are provided in Annex 1.
Increasing the number of meals and snacks in a day. If poor appetite persists or the person is ill, it is a good idea to spread the food intake throughout the day. Snacks should be included in the daily meal plan.

• A snack is any nutritious food that is readily available and can be eaten without much preparation. Good snacks are nuts, seeds, fruit, yoghurt, carrots, cassava chips, crab chips and peanut butter sandwiches. With at least three meals a day and snacks in between, there is less likelihood of malnutrition or weight loss.

• If a person needs to stay in bed, food and water should be kept within easy reach.

• Carers should ensure that sick members of the family are given preference, fed more frequently and receive extra servings to maintain their weight and strength. Food should be served in an attractive way. Carers need to be kind, while frequently encouraging people to eat.

Exercise improves well-being.

Alot of the broken down poisons do not only pass through the liver and other organs alone, much passes through lymph nodes that have no pumps to push dirt through, but with leg and arm exercises your lymph nodes will have blood circulation coming through and will help ejecting poisons out faster.

Regular exercise makes a person feel more alert, helps to relieve stress and stimulates the appetite. Exercise is the only way to strengthen and build up muscles. The body uses muscles to store energy and protein that the immune system can draw upon when required. Exercise is therefore especially important for maintaining the health of people with HIV/AIDS.

It may be that everyday activities such as cleaning, working in the field and collecting firewood and water provide enough exercise. If a person's work does not involve much exercise, an enjoyable exercise programme should be found that can be part of his or her daily life. Exercise should not be tiring or stressful; gentle muscle-building exercise is recommended. Walking, running, swimming or dancing are all suitable. People living with HIV/AIDS need to make an effort to find the exercise that they enjoy and that suits their situation.

Preventing weight loss during and after illness. Infection increases the body's requirements for nutrients. Illness also reduces the appetite and the ill person will eat less food, causing weight loss. Recommendations for dealing with poor appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, sore mouth and nausea are given in Chapter six.

Early treatment of infection is important to maintain body weight. If infection persists and cannot be cured by nutritional management within a couple of days, advice and treatment should be sought from a doctor, nutritionist, nurse or local health worker.

Once the infection is over and the person is feeling better, he or she should start eating normally again. It is important to regain the weight lost as soon as possible and to restore the body's nutritional reserves.

Try to eat three good meals daily with frequent snacks in between


Vitamins and minerals are essential to keep healthy. They protect against opportunistic infection by ensuring that the lining of skin, lungs and gut remain healthy and that the immune system functions properly. Of special importance are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, certain B-group vitamins and minerals such as selenium, zinc and iron. A mixed diet as recommended in Chapter three should provide enough of these vitamins and minerals. Some background information on micronutrients, their nutritional role and food sources is provided in Annex 3.

Vitamin A is important to keep the lining of skin, lungs and gut healthy. Vitamin A deficiency increases the severity of diseases such as diarrhea while infection will increase the loss of vitamin A from the body. Good vitamin A sources are dark green, yellow, orange and red vegetables and fruit. These include spinach, pumpkin, cassava leaves, green peppers, squash, carrots, amaranth, yellow peaches, apricots, papaya and mangoes. Vitamin A is also contained in red palm oil, yellow maize, orange and yellow sweet potatoes, egg yolks and liver.

Vitamin C helps to protect the body from infection and aids in recovery. It is found particularly in citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and mandarins. Guavas, mangoes, tomatoes and potatoes are also good sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin E protects cells and aids resistance to infection. Foods containing vitamin E are green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, peanuts and egg yolks.

Vitamin B-group. This group is necessary to keep the immune and nervous system healthy.

Vitamins, however, may be lost from the body through the use of certain medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis. Good food sources include white beans, potatoes, meat, fish, chicken, watermelon, maize, grains, nuts, avocados, broccoli and green leafy vegetables.

Iron. Iron-deficiency anaemia is a widespread problem in many countries, especially among women and children. Good iron sources are green leafy vegetables, seeds, whole-grain products, dried fruit, sorghum, millet, beans, alfalfa, red meat, chicken, liver, fish, seafood and eggs.

Selenium is an important mineral because it helps to activate the immune system. Good sources include whole grains such as wholemeal bread, maize and millet and dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other protein-rich foods are also good sources, as are peanut butter, dried beans and nuts.

Brazil nut is one of the highest sources of Selenium.

Zinc is also important for the immune system. Zinc deficiency reduces the appetite. Sources include meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, whole-grain cereals, maize, beans, peanuts and milk and dairy products.

Further recommendations

Sugar and soft drinks such as sodas are a big no no including smoking of course and any other recreational drugs.

It is said HIV-AIDS hates it when you stop smoking and sugar is supposed to reduce your immune system by up to 40% and if smoking does the same and you still have alcohol and not enough rest and sleep surely the immune system is at a disadvantage.

You can already tell sugar is bad, it is easily available on every street corner shop sold cheaply throughout the world, if it is cheap and easily available might be a rule that it is bad for you.
Since the vitamin content of food can be damaged during cooking, it is better to boil, steam and fry vegetables for a short time only. Boil vegetables in a little water and use it afterwards for cooking as it contains considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables will lose some of their vitamins and minerals if soaked for a long time.

The skins and kernels of grains and legumes contain vitamins, in particular of the B-group.

Processed refined grains have lost many of their vitamins, minerals and proteins so whole grains such as brown bread and unrefined cereals are better sources than white bread and refined cereals. Fortified cereals and bread are preferred because of their higher vitamin content.

If a person has diarrhea, however, whole unrefined grains and cereals should be avoided since these insoluble fibres make the diarrhea worse. Soluble fibre foods such as bananas are recommended.

Fibres are contained in many plant foods. Soluble fibres will bind water in the gut and therefore reduce diarrhoea.


When food intake is low, multivitamin and mineral supplements - often in the form of pills - can help to meet increased requirements. However, these supplements are often not available, they are expensive and leave less money for food. It would therefore be better to provide a good mixed diet whenever possible rather than buy supplements.

If supplements are considered necessary, the following guidelines should be adhered to:

• Discuss your intake of vitamin and mineral supplements with your health worker or nutritionist.

• Always take vitamin pills on a full stomach. Be consistent and take them regularly.

• It is probably cheaper to take a combined product with minerals rather than several pills containing different vitamins and minerals. However, iron may be a problem for people with HIV/AIDS as it can increase the activity of some bacteria. Supplements that do not contain iron are therefore better.

• Take any vitamin or mineral supplementation according to the advice on the label. More is not better. Taking high doses can cause nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite and liver and kidney problems as well as interfere with the immune system. This is particularly true for vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc and iron.

Micronutrient supplements can be useful but cannot replace eating a balanced and healthy diet.

"The secret to staying healthy is really nothing magical, I think a very, very large part of it, as with any diagnosis you get, is the biology of belief. The mind is very, very strong on the health of the human body."

People believe that MMS helps you heal of HIV-AIDs, it does but testing takes longer than just 1 or 3 months.

Imagine you are a heavy smoker and you quit, it would take atleast a minimum of 3 months for lungs to clear of the worse tar and mucus, this is with running-jogging an odd 7 km ever other day to clear the lungs, only after these 3 months do the lungs start learning again to take in all the oxygen it needs to help the immune system recover and kick in, other areas of the immune system like the stomach after detoxing needs to learn on how to take vitamins and nutrients out of the food to get them to the immune system, other broken down wastes are still going down the lymph nodes and through the liver etc… so 3 to 6 months is very opportunistic time scale to start testing negative or expect your CD levels to be normal, these will go up and down and eventually go into the normal CD4 count of above 450-500.

Enter the Matrix, now that is another story….

Thanks and LOVE and PEACE.....

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i was wondering does it matter if i should start in the morning on an empty stomach or should i eat first should the protocal be the same every day 7am start time to 7pm end time every hour or every hour and a half is ok i skipped 2 days cause the diarrea was really really bad i decided to start eating fermented and or cultured foods for my digestion i also want to alkaline my system too i think if i do that together with the mms protocal 2 drops instead of 3 drops everything should b good my skin is really dry and itchy so i ordered the cds to see if that will also help my skin should i put some kind of oil on my skin i've tried olive oil, cocnut oil, jojoba oil and someother oil mixture that has olive oil,canola oil,wheat germ oil,almond oil,seame seed oil,castor oil,safflower oil,dimethicone, vitamin e,a and d, burdock root,chamomile,hyssop,henna,alfalfa,sage,goldenseal,slippery elm bark,sheep sorrel,wheat germ, cherry bark,comfrey,black walnut,yarrow aqnd fragrance all mixed together. i had tried this before but it seemed just as other things did not help so i am going to heal the inside as well as the outter but if i take also dmso will it draw the oils inside? Any suggestions would help thank you

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