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16 Mar 2014 18:10 - 16 Mar 2014 18:17 #41446 by Rev Ray
As I watch the film posted by the Wicklow Ireland MMS team in their seminar link
I quickly realize and understand the importance of clinical testing MMS.
Not sure Clinical is the right word, but the tests that need to be done to prove safety and efficiency of approved foods and drugs.
Now we know approved drugs are not safe, in fact many promote disease but that is not my point.

I have come to realize that the way to beat them is just as Jim is doing, public funded testing. Not that there was ever any dispute, just that I have come to a wider realization I hope to share.
By getting public to fund the study and tests that need to be done, MMS will become the first wave of proven non drug methods of healing and because its true for 95% of ALL disease, MMS can collapse the entire drug game which makes this all very "interesting" and Dangerous.

Education and beating them at their own game using their methods of determination that they will never fund for there is no money in natural cures for drug company agendas.
as an quick aside I saw patented gadgets/technology for Sodium chlorite that makes me think at some point the game will be it will be ilegal to use/own inactive SC due to patents, but again that is an aside to my topic in point.
Funding the tests and as MMS really is what it is, proven in their "courts" is like what MMS does.
It will blow a whole in the side of their deception ship that it will sink faster than the Lusitania with the Titanic on deck. Just like MMS blows a hole in the pathogen molecule, MMS movement/truth proven in their system is a grenade to the hull of lies and deception and over lording of the entire western fraud of "Medicine" fall's into the river. Sinks...

And that is exactly what needs to be done in my assessment - tip the evil doers (TY GWB ;)) in the river as the saying goes.
Somewhere is a link to the info Jim put up on this but I could not find it yet.
And the funding appeals he's made.
Could someone please post the missing info to this thread, thanks!
I feel the need to excite the masses into funding the tests so we can oust the powers that be....Altruistic maybe but it is Sunday AM Church Chat with Rev Ray...and I feel that bringing understanding of the importance of beating them at their own game is something we as individuals may want to consider.
The future is up to us.
The celestial time for tipping dysfunction into the river is here. :side:
The Wicklow Ireland MMS Brothers film

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17 Mar 2014 01:41 #41473 by JB13
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18 Mar 2014 23:18 #41657 by Rev Ray
Thank You JB

I have changed my mind about clinical testing

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