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Apr 18th - Apr 20th 2014 - MMS Seminar - Sydney, Australia

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Merrylands Community Centre: Arts & Crafts Room.
17 Miller Street, Merrylands NSW 2160


18-20th April, 08:30am to 5:30pm

$550 each person and $1000 for couples

Costs include:
• All necessary items and materials to complete the course and which you can take home with you. (Pens and notebooks are included, so no need to bring your own)

• A USB stick or Dropbox File, with all the relevant data for you to look at and refer to at your leisure at home.

• Genesis 2 Church membership for one year, a Reverend Certificate (Minister of Health) and an I.D. Card with your photo on it (a photo of which you can supply, or we will take at start of course).
Costs do not include:

• Accommodation is unfortunately not included. Attendees will have to source that themselves.

• Tea’s, Juice’s and Snacks will be provided, however we will all have to get Lunch in the many and varied Restaurants and Cafes 2 minutes walk from the venue.

I apologise for the lack of amenities included but we will look into accommodation options ASAP and pass this on however I do recommend you looking this up yourselves as you know what you want and what your budget is etc.

Bishop Paul Treacy
Reverend Hong Yang
Reveverend Leanne Yang

Course description:
In this course, we will cover all the Sacraments and Protocols of MMS/ CDS and where to apply them for different diseases and injuries. We will discuss all aspects of Jim Humble’s MMS/CDS and answer all your queries.

Reverend Hong Yang

Contact email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact phone:
0432 966 357

What you need to bring:
-Appropriate portrait photo (sent electronically) to be put on the Genesis 2 Church ID Card

For those of you who need help in finding our seminar location, go to www.sydneytrains.info/timetables/ and use the ’Plan Your Trip’ table to get the train times etc. The following is an example: mmsnews.is/images/seminarads/2014-02-17/sydney_trains_timetable.png

Hope to see you there!

Rev. Hong Yang
Genesis II Church of Health & Healing

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