How to treat pelvic pain (possible infection)

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30 Oct 2016 01:12 #53845 by ag1279

I am new to MMS and have just started with the introductory protocol today. I have a few questions - I would appreciate feedback from experienced users.

1. Can I eat vegetables in between hourly doses? I'm trying to limit my green juice to the morning... but from there I've felt unsure what constitutes "high antioxidants"

Examples of what I would eat: Big salad, rice, meat, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, apples

2. The mixture does look more yellow to me than amber once activated. Kinda looks amber-ish if viewed from an angle. The products I bought to make the MMS1 were from a wellness clinic and are organic. I did notice one is citric Acid... Should I buy another brand? What kind?

3. I am treating what I suspect is Lyme and pelvic pain. I'm not sure what is causing the pain. I had a bacterial infection in my vagina that flared up in response to antibiotic creme. I managed to rid the symptoms with boric acid suppositories, but after a long time of trying things that didn't work. I complained of pain in my lower pelvis. The gyno prescribed a large antibiotic cocktail as a precautionary measure because I was concerned about PID. The antibiotics made it feel worse initially. It's been fluctuating, but there ever since.

My question: Should I use the MMS1 to douche? I'm thinking if there is already something going on up there it couldn't make it any worse. Douching is usually contraindicated if you suspect PID... but the gyno says I don't have that... Even though he never ran a laronscopy or Whatever. The thing is... antibiotics are the treatment for that. So I don't know what he would give me or go.

I was taking colloidal silver... Only 1-2 ounces a day and saw some improvement, but would sometimes get that die-off feeling again. I discovered MMS though so I'm thinking of discontinuing silver.

Thank you in advance!!

Also been using a magnetic pulser and recently bought a rife machine.

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