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overboosting the white blood

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24 Nov 2013 22:43 #37589 by CHRISSTINIS
overboosting the white blood was created by CHRISSTINIS
HI guys,
first of all i want to say that i am using mms2 for almost three years and recently i became a witness of an ability of the white blood cells using together too much cds and mms2.
i took two dose of 20 ml of cds 3000 in 200 grams water and together with mms2 2 capsules of 600 mg in a time period of 15 minutes.
At the beginning i had no reaction of about 4 hours and then happen.
i felt the feeling of drilling at one point near the liver and after the two points became two after a little three and finally i felt it drilling in almost five different places in my lymphatic system.
As i understood that i have an invasion of white blood cells to the lymphatic system through liver i repeat again the process and took 40 ml of cds and two capsules in a period of 15 minutes.
As it was already night 2 o clock when i awake at 7 o clock i felt that the drilling was near to fat bowel and to some other places more higher so i make again the same process.
SO I TOOK in a period of 12 hours 120 ml of 3000 cds and 6 capsules and i felt almost for two days that i had too much energy.
The discovery was AMAZING as it needed two much energy for the white blood cells to pass to another system and to went contra to the flow of the lymph and to clean my lymphatic system.

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24 Jul 2014 00:48 #46435 by rex
Replied by rex on topic overboosting the white blood
Good enthusiasm ,but you don't know what you are talking about.stick with mms1 to oxidize the heavy metals in your brain.

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