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mms1 WITH mms2?

04 Aug 2014 23:45 #46685 by rlawrence
Replied by rlawrence on topic mms1 WITH mms2?
Not sure if it is mms1 or mms2, but after taking both protocol for about 2 weeks on gradual increase, I noticed skin pealing on entire body. Also, my brain is not functioning properly. Then I have started nausea and vomiting on very low doses. Finally even quit all together because 2 beginning doses were enough too make me nausea & vomiting. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Just received mms1 in tablet form today and going to try give it another try.

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05 Aug 2014 00:03 #46688 by pam
Replied by pam on topic mms1 WITH mms2?
The skin is the largest organ used for detox, so that may be what is going on here. The herx reaction tells me you're going to fast or too high in your dosing.

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