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Easy Test Calcium Hypochlorite

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07 Aug 2014 15:30 - 07 Aug 2014 15:46 #46751 by Mystic11171
Easy Test Calcium Hypochlorite was created by Mystic11171
Everyone doing well!
I took MMS protocol 1000 for about 2 months and it feels so good. I am much healthier and energetic and happier. Now, i want to start MMS2 capsules.
I purchased 1 kilogram of Calcium Hypochlorite from a chemicals shop.
I took 400 mg MMS capsule, 6 times a day, 2 hours in between (my weight is 68).
I did not start slow. On the contrary, i kicked it off with 400 mg a full dose.
Now I am aware that this is not the right way to go.
I stopped after a week when i noticed cherry colored very small dots on my skin.
I used to have these many many years ago. they were a total of 6 maybe.
After one week of MMS2 3 new small cherry dots on my arms and 6 new ones on my belly area.
They do not cause any pain. However, after 5 days i started having stomach intestinal pain. I drank lots more of water because I read that Jim says to drink more water when this happens.
I stopped MMS2 after that because i was not sure that this is a normal reaction or
was it because i started directly with a complete dose.
The Calcium Hypochlorite I got from the shop in a plastic bag not in a sealed container. There is no label on the bag.
MY questions are
1) do you know why new cherry dots appeared?
2) Is there an easy way to test the Calcium Hypochlorite?
Appreciation Light & Love to all.
Best, Mooiin
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