How I rid myself of intestinal parasites

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21 Dec 2013 11:15 #37997 by john20
I live in Cambodia where parasites are rampant.

I started with anti-parasite meds just in case, then had an unrelated medical scare a few days later that prompted me to use Protocol 1000.

Here's the "J20" Protocol I used:

Day 1
Chewed a 500 mg. tablet of Mebenoazole 1/2 hour before breakfast and washed it down with bottled water.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 6
Started taking MMS. The citric acid bottle broke in my travels so I used 5 drops of apple cider vinager per 1 drop of MMS. 5% acidity and not sure if that's enough to fully activate the MMS and no one replied to my question about it.

Day 7
Did some research and learned that garlic and papaya seeds are reported to kill intestinal parasites.

Ate 2 cloves of raw garlic in the evening.

Day 8
Noticed something "strange" on the toilet paper after a bowel movement. I looked at it through a magnifying glass. It was a shiny globe. Most likely a parasite egg.

One clove of garlic morning and evening.

Day 9
Had painful cramps in my intestines followed by very loose bowel movements. Noticed several yellowish strands up to two inches long floating in the toilet bowl. I assume they were the remains of dead worms. I've never seen anything like that before.

Too nausiated to drink the MMS.

Started eating wheat-free muesli and a having a fiber drink each day.

1 garlic

Day 10
Chewed the last Mebenoazole tablet in the morning. Ate about a large teaspoon of papaya seeds and followed approximately the same procedure as above through day 15.

Day 16
Had a stool test done in a lab in the morning. This afternoon I got the results. 12 parasites were tested, all showed an absence of parasites, so it worked for me. Glad and relieved!!

This was probably too wordy with details to be called a protocol, so here's a summary:

Chew one 500 mg. Mebenoazole tablet on day 1, 2, 3, 10.

MMS (not sure which protocol since I haven't worked up to 1000 yet).

Eat 1 clove of raw garlic morning and evening.

Eat about a teaspoon of raw papaya seeds each day.

Take plenty of fiber and water each day.

The procedure with the Mebenoazole was recommended by a friend who has lived here for years. I noticed it wasn't the same as various web sites describe for the dosage.

I also read that food grade diatomaceous earth is very effective against parasites, but I doubt it's available here and didn't have time to wait x number of weeks for delivery.

Questions? Feel free to ask via thread or PM.
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02 Jan 2014 09:05 #38218 by Truthquester
Replied by Truthquester on topic How I rid myself of intestinal parasites
Thanks so much for providing us with all this information.

All the best,

- I'm Scott McRae, the creator of CDH with the help of CLO2 (Charlotte Lackney)
- I injected 10ml of dilute 50ppm CDH into my blood 3 times in 11 hours & did before & after blood tests which showed that it did NO HARM to my blood
- I started the Facebook group "The Ebola Cures" to inform the world that CLO2 and other oxidizers can cure Ebola
1 drop of MMS (at 24 drops per ml) contains 6.7mg (6700ppm) of CLO2
Every ml of CDH contains 1 drop of MMS
Therefore, 1 drop of MMS = 1ml of CDH
The main difference is that the drop of MMS is only 7 to 10% activated in the cup before being consumed while CDH made with 4% HCl is about 50% activated in the bottle. This is why CDH is far less nauseating than MMS drops.

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02 Jan 2014 23:57 #38228 by radoraev
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