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Topic-icon PARASITE PROTOCOL by Andreas and Miriam as modified by Kerri for autism

19 Feb 2014 21:14 #40172 by TimeLady
Hmm... I'm having a hard time locating some of these things. I would like to find one website
that sells several of the ingredients....and the shipping is so high for a tight budget.

Question.... do I have to have the actual Neem Leaves, or will pills like these work?

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31 May 2014 16:17 - 31 May 2014 16:24 #44861 by Sinisa
Hello everyone!

It seems that big pharmacists "reveal" what is already discovered!


Here is Google translation from Croatian, I hope it is understandable ...

If link doesn't work here is original on Croatian language so you can translate on your computer...

Also, here is translated article:
Posted on 27.05.2014

Huffington Post

The findings of U.S. researchers from Arizona State University suggests that the composition of the intestinal flora in children with autism compared to other children.
The study included 23 children with autism and 21 children without autism, and the presence of intestinal bacteria was studied by analyzing the presence of 56 metabolites in faeces of children.
It is the metabolites that are the product of the activities of certain strains of bacteria.
Significant differences were observed in the presence of seven metabolites that researchers believe could be linked to the action of neurotransmitters or control their biosynthesis.
In the opinion of scientists, it would mean that intestinal bacteria can change the level of these metabolites and thus affect the communication between the intestine and brain and ultimately change the function of the brain.
In the next phase of research will be tested for the possibility that fecal transplants affect the symptoms of autism.

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31 May 2014 20:05 #44864 by pam
Timelady - go to WPS4Sale.com and note that he has a "members" section - join that. Most of the protocol items can be found there -

Archbishop - Genesis II Church of Health and Healing - Washington State
pam @ genesis2church.is (remove spacing)

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05 Dec 2016 13:34 #54103 by Lisiewicz
Hi, my main worry with using Vermox (Ovex) is that there is some sodium lauryl sulfate in ingredients list. Some studies shows cancerogenic effect of SLS. Do you think it is safe to take for so many days? Thanks for your answer?

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