Analysis of Watch Dogs Legion, a vision of London like we have never lived before

It is said that the third time is the charm . We can see this applied to different areas of life, such as in rock, paper or scissors, which wins the best of three, or in tennis, with many matches where the victory is decided to the one who gets three sets. And this, of course, also applies to unlucky products.

In the case of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has not enjoyed the expected success with this saga, with a beginning that did not conquer everyone equally, a sequel that improved the core in search of a more unleashed identity , but that did not mean the definitive accolade … And now he has his third attempt with Watch Dogs Legion, with which the French company is going big in the beautiful City of London.

The new DedSec in London: we are legion

As our first impressions last July, Watch Dogs Legion couldn’t have left a better taste in our mouths , especially given the almost endless possibilities when it comes to recruiting people to join the DedSec resistance.

Ubisoft was not lying, since the London city is placed on a platter to resurrect the famous group of hackers, who disappeared in action after a series of attacks by the mysterious Zero Day. London is not as we used to know it anymore and is now controlled by a private security company called Albion, with drones watching for any acts of vandalism, especially from hackers.

Going back to the glory days of DedSec will cost its own, since we will start with a single person, having to expand the staff and have more troops to control the different groups that dominate the city by force, oppressing their freedoms. We are the resistance and (almost) anyone can join the cause.

With people calling DedSec extinct, we’ll have to show them that they can’t lose hope. Those people related to the activism of hackers, are the ones likely to join without restrictions, although it must be said that those people who hate DedSec can also be hunted to recruit them … if we investigate (through a technological improvement) with what we can help them change their minds. It is one of the most striking aspects of this production.

It is literally a world at our feet, with countless people in London with a history behind, with unique parameters, as well as skills or associated weapons and / or vehicles, as well as jobs, that make missions have different layers. when facing them, in relation to the use that we can give them according to the type of person we control. It is quite overwhelming at first.

It is surprising to see the mime position for each London citizen, where they even detail the activities they have done throughout the day or how their opinion varies with DedSec depending on our actions. Here it is of interest, above all, to enjoy a staff as varied as possible, playing several essential sticks, such as having someone from Albion in our ranks to be able to infiltrate the areas they have controlled or a construction staff to more easily call a cargo drone. The range of possibilities is immense and history will force us on certain occasions to take advantage of one of these agents, running into some turn of interest in which we will fear for their own lives. Because it achieves something unthinkable: that we care about each and every DedSec member.

The world of Watch Dogs Legion is a joy

Regarding Watch Dogs 2, we are facing a giant leap. You can see that the improvements experienced in the sequel have been taken as a basis, but enhanced and under a friendlier interface if possible, with everything much clearer to hack.

There are important changes, on the other hand, between that city of San Francisco versus this one of London, since Ubisoft offers us a futuristic vision where there are countless autonomous vehicles , for example. Yes, without a driver. So that we get on them without the need to steal them. Although from time to time we run into one controlled by one or two people, yes. The map is also much more compact and less extensive than the one in the sequel, gaining in the process more depth and the undeniable appeal of the London city.

Although we can use the subway to travel quickly from one place to another, it will be difficult to resist not doing it by car, where there is no shortage of luxury sports cars or a typical spy car (with its camouflage and missiles) , although one of our means of Favorite transport will be the new cargo drone , with which we can fly through the skies freely (up to a certain height, of course) and thus have an advantageous resource for infiltration in restricted areas.

Now we have more freedom than ever when facing missions, having many more points of entry (not only the doors to hack or use open windows after manipulating a forklift), but “fall” from the sky or use the infiltration posing as Albion agents, doctors, laborers, and more. Without forgetting the enormous variety between each person.

Through eight districts, where there is no shortage of the Westminster, Camden or Lambeth regions, each with its most emblematic buildings, we will have to fulfill a series of missions, investigating who is behind Zero Day without losing sight of other authoritarian figures in London, like Nigel Cass or Mary Kelley, with a plot that will gain in interest as we delve into each side. And with situations that will dislodge our jaw. The story itself begins in a spectacular way with the infiltration of an MI6 agent in the Palace of Westminster until the catastrophe in London occurs and Albion arrives to oppress its inhabitants. But the good thing is the ability to surprise, with a commendable variety of types of missions , without making it heavy for an instant if we follow the plot or “lose time.”

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