Destiny 2: not even the Guardian Games manage to overcome a rather weak season 10

As it usually happens to me from time to time, a few weeks ago I said goodbye to Destiny 2 again. But this time the farewell was different from the previous ones flawless trials of osiris boost. It was a bit more bitter, I was really pissed off with the game, when normally I have been parking it just to take a break and come back later with more desire. It’s a game that I like a lot.

This time it was different, as I say, because Season 10 is being quite loose. Not even the start of a kind of Olympic Games in the form of a temporary event called the Guardian Games has managed to convince me. I entered last Tuesday, when they started, and after seeing what it was all about and carrying out a raid I closed the game. I don’t think I’ll touch it again until June.

A very loose start

With each new season comes new activities that link on a narrative level with the story of the game and move it forward. In season 9, for example, we had a very cool activity called The Sundial related to Osiris in which, by phases, we had to advance and massacre every living thing until we reached the final boss and obtained a series of rewards.

Besides this, we were able to activate and improve a series of obelisks distributed in different planets by introducing fractaline, a material that was earned by carrying out activities. All with the aim of obtaining the new weapons of the season and with a loop that, despite the repetition, was in my opinion rather light and pleasant.

Not only that: season 9 left us with the most monstrous puzzle we have seen in the game to date and which had the community very much involved in solving it. Behind it was Bastion as a reward, an exceptional weapon that has become one of the best for the Crucible on its own merit. I would even say that it is still a little broken, but my point is that it was an interesting three months for Destiny 2.

With the arrival of season 10 we said goodbye to the obelisks and the Sundial to greet Rasputin’s new bunkers and a type of public event called Torre Serafina. In total there are three bunkers that have been opened in a staggered manner for weeks and there is almost nothing to encourage you to visit them. On the contrary: entering them is very heavy and improving them implies carrying out very unappreciative tasks in a repetitive way. Yes, in Destiny 2 everything is based on the repetition of activities, but there are good ways to incite you to it and bad ways. The ones proposed by the bunkers are the bad ones.

The Seraphine Tower event is another boring milestone. Let’s say that it’s a kind of Augmentation Protocol in which, besides having to face waves and more waves of enemies, you have to defend some towers. The mechanics is as simple as it is soporific, there is nothing that invites to carry it out again and again. And that’s where this season’s loop ends, basically. There’s not much else. Neither the bunkers nor the new activity are interesting enough to keep me there for three months.

The Guardian Games, a new lost opportunity

On Tuesday, April 21st, just two days ago, a new temporary event called the Guardian Games arrived at Destiny 2 and that’s where I went, of course. My idea was to check if, after having left it in March, this novelty was cool enough to come back every day to spend some good times more than a month later. I miss that little bit of time every day with my guardians, what are we going to do?

The event itself is nothing more than a competition between the three available classes, Hunters, Wizards and Titans, to see which one is the best, which seems to be established according to the amount of medals that players from all over the world win by carrying out activities and fulfilling contracts during the three weeks that these Guardian Games last. And again, sadly, it’s all pretty boring.

The best thing about the Guardian Games is how the Tower is decorated for the occasion, and with that I think I say everything. I’m a Destiny fan, I’ve been playing Destiny 2 for about 400 hours, and this isn’t what I’m looking for in Bungie’s game. It’s all very well to put colors and ornaments to the Tower, as well as to take out new armor related to the event, but not like this: all these cool and colorful new pieces of armor, besides the rest of the objects and emotes, are only available in the Eververso, the game’s store. They cannot be directly unlocked by participating in the Guardian Games.

An event designed to make you pass by the store, even if the currency is the luminous powder and not silver (which can only be purchased with real money), it is not what we want. And then there’s the very workings of the competition: contracts and more contracts than go and make assaults, kill enemies with grenades or beat them to a pulp, but also contracts about completing contracts, to curl the curl. A real nonsense that, again, does not offer me enough incentives to want to go in every day to spend a few hours. And I want to go back, I really do, but for now it’s not going to be possible.

Finally there are the Osiris Trials, as expected before as hated now, which came along with the new season. I haven’t gotten involved once, basically because I don’t have people to team up with (it’s important here), so I can’t talk about my experience, but I’ve only seen complaints about how this activity is set up and how much a significant part of the more experienced players are breaking the system to their advantage.

Anyway, as it is not an option, until the next season starts in June I will dedicate myself to other things and keep on checking from time to time the news of Destiny 2 in case there is a good reason to come back. Because I want to come back.

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