Final Fantasy XVI reveals more details about the world of Valisthea, the Eikons and their characters along with their first images

The announcement of Final Fantasy XVI left us speechless with its presentation trailer. At the time it was said that the new delivery would arrive next year , something that was recently reaffirmed when it was announced that its development is in a very advanced phase. If you want to know more about the game, you will be happy to know that Square Enix has launched its official website.

Thanks to her, we can learn more information about this new installment that will take place in the world of Valisthea , a place where the Mother Crystals bless the nations that comprise it with ether. Thanks to its power, the inhabitants are able to cast spells and live a placid life that has not been thwarted by any threat for generations. However, peace does not last forever.

In this same world are the Eikon , the most powerful creatures in all of Valisthea. All of them are found inside a human being, who are called Dominant and in turn are the only ones who have the ability to invoke them. While some use their strength to do good, there are also others who consider them instruments of war.

In the middle of all this will be Clive Rosfield , our protagonist and the son of the Archduke of Rosaria, one of the six nations into which Valisthea will be divided. His destiny was to inherit the flames of the Phoenix to become his Dominant, but in the end it is his brother Joshua Rosfield who ends up being the chosen one, despite being younger and weaker.

Despite what happened, at age 15 Clive trained enough to master the sword and thus become part of the greater guard, responsible for protecting the Phoenix, which at the same time allows him to take advantage of part of its power . However, at some point in the plot a tragic event will happen because of Ifrit, a dark Eikon against whom Clive will face in search of revenge.

In the middle of all this will be Jill Warrick , a 12-year-old girl who grew up in the Northlands and was sent to Rosaria to formalize peace between the two regions. This led him to grow together with Clive and Joshua to the point of considering them his brothers and being his best confidant . Even so, it remains to be seen what role he will have in this whole affair and what the other main characters will be, as well as the villains. Initially, unless the situation changes in the future, Final Fantasy XVI will go on sale exclusively for PS5 at some time to be determined next year . Of course, there are gains to be able to enjoy this great action RPG and to increase the hype we invite you to return to see its first trailer.

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