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10 Jul 2014 09:27 #46134 by reeve9191
hematospermia was created by reeve9191
Hi Pam,

This condition can be due to many things, the most common being infection. I dont feel unwell but i'm worried about the sympoms. Because ot the tiny myriad seminal tubes in this area, etc , do you think that staying on daily mms 1 for several weeks would be effective? I dont want antibiotics.

thanks, bob

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10 Jul 2014 12:52 #46139 by pam
Replied by pam on topic hematospermia
According to Wikipedia (and I don't like wikipedia much after what I've seen happen to the MMS information) - the good thing is that this is usually benign. It may include a small urinary tract infection (assuming you have none of the other "risk factors") - so I think your thought about protocol 1000 (with maybe a fill/release enema to get more MMS to the area - (how often? - your choice - I'd say no more than once daily, to as little as a couple of times during the 1000 protocol - but , I can only tell you what I'd do if it were me - not a doc here.

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18 May 2018 05:12 #58514 by stephanic
Replied by stephanic on topic hematospermia
Hematospermia which is also known as blood in semen occurs in many men while ejaculating. It can occur to anyone and their life can become miserable. However, there are several causes of this condition, which includes:
• Infection and inflammation
• Blood vessels problems
• Medical procedures or trauma
• Vascular abnormalities
However there are several treatments that can help men to get out of the condition.
See more on: mensexualclinic.com

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