Burn from P 3000 overdose on skin.

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In my previous comment I think I meant to say that I didn't use MMS straight, but activated it first.

I used about 10 drops of the MMS then the usual activator of citric acid [5 drops citric acid to 1 drop MMS]. Left it to activate for a little over 3 minutes.

Sounds like you are using 10% citric acid, a very old type of MMS activator. More recently 50% citric acid 1:1 has been used. Currently, the G2C recommends using 4% HCL to "activate" MMS.

If you have not seen the results of my testing some years ago on MMS activation time vs CLO2 ppm, take look here . You will see that after "activation" there is a lot of unreacted MMS remaining and MMS will burn your skin in a short time. 1 drop of MMS can contain 6.7 mg of CLO2 (24 drops = 1 ml). The tests used 3 drops of MMS so 20.1 mg of CLO2 should be available. The second chart shows much less released from external activation.

That is why I suggest using CDS for skin use instead of MMS1. MMS1 is best used internally where stomach acid can release the remaining CLO2 contained in unactivated MMS (22.4% sodium chlorite).

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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Replied by Zark on topic Burn from P 3000 overdose on skin.
Yes 10% citric acid as activator. I agree, it is likely that the remaining MMS is what burnt me, probably due to pH I guess

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