Reasons why MMS is not working, by Jim Humble

20 Feb 2018 07:48 #57640 by Emmily
Hello, I've never used a forum before and am having difficulty understanding where and how to insert what I want to communicate. I looked in the help section but had no enlightenment.
However what I wanted to ask is .....Is it usual to be on day 12 taking only 1/4 drop of MMS 1 and still feel weak and be running to the loo?
I have lost 3kg. I now weigh 35kg and scared to loose any more. The cold that I have been feeling seems to have diminished. My back is still achy but less so. The evenings seem to bring dizziness and wobbly balance. I haven't the energy to do too much and I haven't left the house since starting the protocol because of the no warning loo runs and feeling too weak. I do see little signs of a turn around and then these 2 major handicaps take over and I remember reading in Jim Humble's Manuel to expect 5-6 days of die off. Should I be worried or carry on as I'm doing? Family are now quite worried but I'm the determined type. Grateful for any advice at this stage of treatment.

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20 Feb 2018 08:26 #57641 by CLO2
Emmily, you may want to stop taking MMS for a while and instead follow the Mold/Fungus Protocol which starts on page 99 of Jim's book. Then you can take MMS again by following the Starting Procedure. Let us know what happens.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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21 Feb 2018 19:08 #57652 by Emmily
Thank you for that advice. Today I actually halved my 1/4drop and that seems to be a bit better but as you say there may well be Mold preventing my progress I'll send off for the clay. Might take a week or more to reach me. Should I drop the MMS now or carry on with this mini dose?

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21 Feb 2018 23:13 #57654 by BeaDevorah
Replied by BeaDevorah on topic Reasons why MMS is not working, by Jim Humble
I have a question about APPLE SAUCE.
My husband has a cup of organic apple sauce everyday in his lunch and has for the past 39 years. What about apple sauce? How long after having 4oz of organic, homemade apple sauce can you take your dose of MMS1? I know his OJ in the morning delays his taking by 2 hours, and I see that in case of overdose you chew, chew, chew apple while taking the Vitamin C... but what about apple sauce?

There are so many topics, I'm sorry if this wasn't the place to ask this
And... is dark chocolate bad too... I know it is but I'm hoping I can't have to remove dark chocolate too. :( f

We are just 2 weeks into the 1000 program and I have seen MAJOR changes in my body and the healing is awesome. My husband says he at least has clear sinus and his snoring is gentle but the aches and pains are still there. We might begin the Fungus Mold on him. Doctors cannot explain why he has so much stiffness and pain so I KNOW that MMS adventure is where we should be.

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