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10 Jan 2017 16:21 #54405 by Nikkinoo73

I'm a long user of mms, it has in the past cleared my sons verruca, it has cleared up many severely infected mosquito bites and so on, however I'm currently taking it for a nasty cold I've had. The cold has more or less gone however I've been left with a crackly chest and wondering whether it has turned to chest infection (this happened last yr) I am very reluctant to take antibiotics however after using the mms for several days now it's still not breaking up and I just want it to go away. I took a blast of 12 dose then started on 1 drop, last 2 days I've been on 2 drop and today I've upped it to 3drops. I don't know what else to do.
Any advice please, I'm going away next week and want to be better.

Thanks in advance
Best wishes Nikki :)

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11 Jan 2017 04:05 #54414 by Edwin3110
Just tried to make it to 3 drops max and do it hourly.

But if you do feel improved in 2 drops hourly dose, you can maintain at such dose until well.

The effectiveness of MMS1 is by doing hourly protocol 1000.

As usual, look at your diets, stay less with antioxidant food during healing with MMS.

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Minister of Health, Penang. Malaysia.

Creator of CDH Plus 1000
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