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TOPIC: Progress Report (LONG for those wondering what they might expect)

Progress Report (LONG for those wondering what they might expect) 05 Mar 2017 02:46 #55081

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MMS Progress Report 1

What a LONG, STRANGE road it' been... The first day, I kicked myself all day for going through the considerable aggravation and expense of gathering the ingredients to make my MMS in the first place. (That's a whole other story.) The taste was so bad I thought I'd wasted perfectly good money on something I'd never use more than a few drops of. And if the taste weren't bad enough going down, it was much worse on instant replay. I wrote in my notes from that day that I learned quickly to blow the burps away from me. (This is significant, so remember it for later.) I'd forgotten this (I have short term memory loss so I forget things as a matter of routine if I don't keep notes, and even then, sometimes I read my notes and they make absolutely no sense.)

Day One
To be fair, I started off with too high a dose for a first day, 2 drops per 16 oz bottle of water, drank at 4 oz every hour for 8 hours. In the very first hour I felt the first twinge in my painful heal. I noted it but didn't think it was anything that quickly. In the second hour I felt some gas and felt bloated, mostly because I don't usually drink a whole lot of anything. Four ounces per hour may not seem like a lot to you but to me, I felt like I was drowning for the first three days. Lol By the middle of the first day, I had two bouts of sludge diarrhea (purging sludge from my colon, I'm quite sure). It was very uncomfortable. I was glad when the first day was over and I prayed I'd have the courage to do it again the next day. I checked in with the Genesis II Forum and was advised to lower my dose the next day. By the end of the day, I was feeling noticeable difference in my heal and in a very sore, arthritic pinky finger joint that was inflamed. I'd also noted that colors seemed brighter but I was sure it was nothing.

Day Two
I lowered the dose to a half drop per 16 oz the second day because I was advised to start at a much lower dose than I had.

The second day started with a healthy sludge filled stool. I truthfully started feeling lighter in my mid-section. At the lighter dose the taste was not so off-putting and I felt much more confident in sticking to it. I did notice that an abscess in a lower right molar had not, as yet, began improving. My pinky remained about the same, less painful and red than before treatment. Same with my heal, no further improvement over day one, but then I lowered the dose too. I was quite disgusted by the smell of the chemicals and toxins leaving my body through perspiration. I did make note of a twinge of pain in my right kidney (I have kidney stones.)

Day Three
Dose kept to a half drop per 16 oz, 4 oz per hour for 8 hours a day.

Started the day with a “normal,” I was happy to have no more sticky poop. By dose 4 this day my shoulders where I have torn rotator cuffs, began to pop and grind. I'm guessing it's because the MMS is taking the swelling down that previously didn't allow for that much range of motion (as painful as it is). I made note that day that I was still seeing things more brightly and clearly.

Day Four
Dose kept to a half drop per 16 oz, 4 oz per hour for 8 hours a day.

Made note that my stools were HEALTHY and my joints continued to loosen but that the day was unremarkable.

Day Five
Dose kept to a half drop per 16 oz, 4 oz per hour for 8 hours a day.

Made note that my stools were HEALTHY and my joints continued to loosen but that the day was unremarkable.

Day Six
I decided to increase the dose to 3/4 Drop in 4oz water per hour since I was handling it well.

By 10:00 I was having diarrhea but I felt it was more due to detoxing my body than any reaction to the MMS. Otherwise the day was uneventful except for missing doses and having to make them up.

Day Seven
3/4 Drop in 4oz water per hour

My stools were looser than I'd have liked but I felt it was because the MMS was breaking up all the sludge in my intestines. Since the taste didn't seem as bad as it had at first, I left the dose at the new higher for now. I've not had nausea except from the water itself. I'm not normally a big drinker. I was sick this day, my 58th birthday. I started having post nasal drip the night before and this day it truly felt like a sinus infection. Plus, since I suffer from depression and I spent the day entirely alone, I fought depression all day this day.

Day Eight
3/4 Drop in 4oz water per hour

I had a marked increase of depression this morning. I cried and and have been miserable since my first waking thought. It could have been just normal depression but it's pretty overwhelming. Still fighting what feels like a sinus infection only the discharge is clear and watery, not at all like a sinus infection. Quite a miserable day. My notes mention my having had migraines this day and the day before. I suffer from them quite often. I believe these were caused by stress.

Day Nine
Increased dose to 1 Drop in 4oz water per hour

Seems to be more sludge purging in my stools on this day. I began to think that my abscessed tooth might not be abscessed at all but rather that the MMS was clearing up the infection and it's just trying to purge all the toxins from the gum infections I have going on. (In theory anyway.) My face, from the center of my upper lip, up to the center of the bridge of my nose, up under my right eye, my right cheek/jaw is all inflamed and numb/swollen/tight/achy all day.

Day 10
3/4 Drop in 4oz water per hour

Dropped the dose again since it is an eye tooth that is so inflamed and I don't need a trip to the ER. I don't want the infection to rupture into my brain. I am still fighting this cold or whatever it is too. Took Tylenol and an allergy pill prior to beginning treatment for the day. Took it an hour before beginning treatment for the day and discontinued medications until treatment ended for the day. I noticed that I have urgency to get to the bathroom for stools and must have a bathroom nearby.

Day 11
3/4 Drop in 4oz water per hour

I woke up free of the allergy symptoms of the last several days. The swelling in my face had gone down on the inside but the outside of my face still looked swollen. I looked like a stroke victim. Still needing to stay close to a bathroom. Not diarrhea but a sudden urgency to eliminate.

Day 12
3/4 Drop in 4oz water per hour

Had urgency to use the bathroom on this morning but, as gross as it was, I think the MMS was really cleaning some nasty stuff out of my body.

The swelling in my face is down again this morning and I've decided to keep the level of MMS at 3 drops per 16 oz bottle for at least another day. I really do think it's just trying to clear up the infection in my mouth. In the daytime hours, my face was so swollen that my top lip felt inside out. The soft inside skid was stretched to the outside of my face. My nose, eye and top lip were numb on the right side of my face all day. My son mentioned yesterday that he hadn't smelled my bad breath since I started using MMS. I'm guessing that's due to it killing the germs that were ravaging my mouth. (Thank you God, for MMS.) I noticed I'm less hungry and more thirsty now that I'm drinking more water. Swelling in my mouth and face is not yet any worse than it was yesterday. 3 drops per bottle works but 4 seems to threaten my dental/brain health.

I began swishing my mouth more vigorously with the MMS before swallowing because of my son's comment about my improved breath. (Previously I'd just made sure my mouth was coated in MMS but I wasn't aggressively swishing.)

At 3:30 in the afternoon and I realized that there was a noticeable difference in stiffness in my right wrist. I knew that joint was painful but didn't realize it was swollen until suddenly it wasn't. All of the joints in my hands are becoming looser. I haven't felt pain in my heal in a week now, (I had three lumps like marbles in my heel that would become painful and inflamed after a couple of hours on my feet. My face did not swell anymore this day and I wasn't in any dental pain. In the evening I found two lumps on the top of my head that I believe might be more toxins trying to get out. Interestingly, I am also getting pimple type sores over areas on my back where intense itching has been taking place for years. Since I believe the danger is over for my abscess/brain, I am upping the dose, FINALLY, to 4 drops per 16 oz bottle, or one drop per 4 oz of water 8 times a day. I've noticed a marked improvement in my dental health.
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