Chronic Diarrhea (started before MMS)

11 Apr 2017 14:12 #55398 by Archer
Replied by Archer on topic Chronic Diarrhea (started before MMS)

sweetnlow wrote: Hi All,
But, I'm still having chronic diarrhea. I have no way of telling if MMS is giving me diarrhea because I already had it before taking MMS. I'm not seeing any improvement whatsoever with the diarrhea. I'm having a hard time finding testimonials for MMS curing chronic diarrhea because any time I look up "MMS" and "diarrhea" in the same search, it's about diarrhea as a sign to slow down on MMS.

Which Activator are you using for the MMS?

Citric Acid gave me the worse diarrhea but the much newer MMS that comes with Hydrochloric Acid doesn't.

I think more needs to have been done to get the word out about people switching to Hydrochloric Acid
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