Dog mouth infection

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25 Apr 2017 22:47 #55501 by Kathy Hs
Dog mouth infection was created by Kathy Hs
Ben had an upper rear tooth extracted in February, vet said it was extremely badly infected so she left it open to drain.  Ben is 9 and a rescue standard poodle who had horribly brown teeth.  I put him on raw food and they became clean and I was terribly shocked to discover his plight!
Anyways this extraction site did not seem to be healing as it should and after 1 month I thought I could detect a sinus type hole where it was not healing properly, skin looked to delicate too, vet said antibiotics might do it, but I thought colloidal silver may be better so I put him on this, 3 tsps daily squirted into gum hole but it just got a little bigger  slowly.   I got to hear about mms the week before vet apptmt due so I got him onto it and cancelled vet.   I built him up to protocol 1000' done 21 days of it, couldn't get my head around DMSO and mms internally at the time.  I bought Jims new book too.  Finding it hard going learning all about it without any support so looking forward to anyone's insights.
After the 21 days I noticed that the extraction site was changing all the strange skin was disappearing, the sinus hole was being opened up, it bled and the skin was looking much healthier, but the tiny little swelling over his eyebrow, which he had a little of was getting bigger and was coming under his eye too.    I shaved by his jaw and sprayed 20 20 mms onto shaved area and rubbed full strength DMSO, with my hand inside a lunch bag to protect my hands! Onto the area twice a day.      I did this for 3 days but found the swollen areas just seemed to get more swollen and tender so I stopped.

I am at a bit of a loss now, over the 4 weeks ish I have been giving him protocol 1000  these swollen areas have seemed to be a little better or a little worse, now his right eye area is very swollen and his eye is watering and his head is uncomfortable.   Two days ago his very back tooth which I could not even see until 2 weeks ago!  Must have been overgrown by skin became visible to me as the bad skin was disappearing, dropped out.  As I speak the skin around the extraction site looks better, the sinus hole seems to have been opened up and I can see the area looks healthier skin but sore so it seems to me to go right into his jaw and up his face.   His energy levels go up and down since I have been treating him.
To get him to take the mms I have had to give it in chicken broth/chicken liver broth with chicken whizzed into it to make it smooth.
For his weight36kgs he has been having 2 drops mms1 mixed into 30ml distilled water then throwing 5 mls out and adding  this to 30ml broth,  making a total of 55ml dose, he will take this ok and then I syringe 5 ml at a time extra water into him when I can.   He will only go to his water bowl twice a day these days because he has been so uncomfortable in his mouth.   
Yesterday I added 6 drops full strength good quality DMSO liquid into his 30 ml mms 1, protocol 1000 and removed  10 ml then added this mix to 30 ml broth, then gave 15 ml water with syringe. Making a total of
65 mls liquid, expecting this morning for swelling around eye to be less and poor Bens eye was half closed!
HELP, what can I be doing wrong?
I was expecting swelling to go down more with DMSO and the fact the tooth came out and draining down to be possibly easier.  His head is tender on one side and his breath has a bit of a smell.   Sorry intro is so long, I have been frantically reading book and testimonials, all suggestions Ppreciated.

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14 May 2017 17:33 #55652 by Archer
Replied by Archer on topic Dog mouth infection
it's a shame no one has answered your post but it's really hard to follow so I'm not really surprised - sorry

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