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MMS using HCl 4%

21 Sep 2017 23:13 #56453 by veky61
Replied by veky61 on topic MMS using HCl 4%
Thank you clo2 and gabyher for trying to help me... I'm taking only 1 drop of 4%hcl in a glass of water because I can't take anything acidic without feeling stomach pain later. Or tummy pain. I thought until recently that I have high stomach acid. After reading mms newsletter I did baking soda test for a few days in a row, in the morning, then I realised I have low stomach acid.
I think I have irritable bowel and who knows what else, after eating or drinking anything I get bloated and then my tummy pain starts. By the way, my doctor referred me to so many tests by didn't find anything wrong.

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