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02 Feb 2018 03:06 #57472 by tippi
CLO2-CDH on tooth CONTINUED was created by tippi
(I don't know what just happened to my computer it wouldn't let me keep typing in the first message space )

8.) So anyways, I was holding the strong over- dose in my mouth for 3 to 5minutes, and some times swallowing it also.
After 1 1/2 days of this (about 3Xper day) the next morning my mouth felt very chalky and odd taste. the back roof of my mouth was blistery, and my metal crown had turned a very dark, dull greyish black!
9.) The gums on the treatment side of the mouth were like peeling as was the inner cheek in that area.
10.) I stopped all dosing until I found this forum and found you!
11.) the MMS ACTIVATOR is Hydrochloric ACID 4%.
12.) In December/2017 When I first purchased this and the dmso, I faithfully kept with the starting procedure. Really!
11.) I wanted to get up to 3drops per dose of MMS1 for my arthritic hands and also it would strengthen my teeth.
12.) In January I went on UTUBE and found Jim's abscess tooth video . I started the tooth brushing protocol, MMS1 with the DMSO.
13.) I did it for 2 days correctly but something came up and I was unable to do more than 1 dose on the third day.
14.) Dissapointed, as I did not complete it and my abscess was still oozing.
15.) I continued the mms1- 3drop per but wasn't getting all 8 doses in......interuptions.
16.)THEN....I made the stupid disscion to get creative .
17.) My back of my mouth is still reddish. but the gums are o.k. again, and the abscess has improved. Know you know.

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