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High PLCR, PWD and MPV

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02 Feb 2018 03:58 #57473 by Shettyshetty
High PLCR, PWD and MPV was created by Shettyshetty
Hey Guys,
I have been dealing with some kind of weakness that I
can’t seem to get rid off over the past few months and
I’ve tested for a lot of things. Tried the hulda Clark parasite
Protocol, turpentine, coffee and MMS enemas the Candida protocol and now MMS.
Doctors can’t seem to diagnose me and they keep sending me home telling me it’s in my head.
So i’m putting my symptoms out there hoping someone someone can shed some light.
The only symptoms that remain are I get lightheaded and faint when I go into centrally air conditioned zones or after I walk about 700 meters.
MY PLCR, PWD and MPV are above what the normal ranges are.
My antimony and LDL are high as well( on a HMD protocol for the antimony).
Are anybody else facing similar problems?
I just need to know what i’m fighting and I will fight it.
I’m incredibly frustrated and hate to be negative on my first post.

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