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Hello again.

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30 Mar 2018 14:20 #58110 by Zorredo
Hello again. was created by Zorredo
I would also like to mention, because there is a lot that I did not detail to much about during my road to recovery. I do not feel like death is around the corner anymore. With all the things that u have taken and following all the procedures and finding out the different types of herbs that mother nature provides that benefit the human body I almost feel like myself again. I had also taken black seed oil for a little while. I have most recently bought monolaurin capsules from ecological labs I think that is the name for it and have been taking 900 mg of it which is equivalent to 3 pills. And taking the MMS protocol with it. I have had some small breakouts but it hasn't stayed around long. I use a very potent face cleanser from dessert essence that has all natural ingredients. I use an all natural coconut and lime body wash that I buy at the store. But if there is anything that anyone can help me with I would be grateful. I understand that I am not a doctor but I'm not stupid either. I understand that diet is also important which is hard to keep my body at alkaline levels because I did not grow up on eating a lot of fruit and vegetables but I have been doing a lot more of that now as much as I can. I have gradually over time have been trying to change my diet up. It is hard when you live with your father and help him out when he is stuck on wanting to eat the same type of diet he has had all his life. I have learned about what turmeric does for the body in slowing down the replication process of enveloped coated viruses such as HIV and ext. There was something else I was going to type down here but I forgot.. I'm sure it will come back to me. I have more to share and I will in time.

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