CDS & MMS UPDATE by JIM HUMBLE -- must read!!

18 Feb 2012 04:47 #12755 by karmasherbs
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Hi Bill,
Just watched it…
I actually have the movie – got it from my Naturopath about a year ago.
I should watch it again…
I have contacted them twice – the last time about 6 months ago & have the info. Filed.
I figure it would cost me $50,000.00 (at the very least), which is out of the question for me.
That’s what I was trying to say in one of my posts.
The people that need these treatments the most, sometimes just can’t afford it.
I even searched clinical trials and found
It's unfortunate that all these miracle cures are dismissed while people are dying.
As we know, it’s how they get rich.
Trust me – I’m very aware of conspiracy.

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08 Sep 2016 15:33 #53360 by fomby1
Dear Jim,
l have been a follower since 2006. l have used mms in a variety of ways to heal and cure many problems. l introduced my 82 year old mother to mms baths for a long lived variety of scabies that she had been battling for 10 years. She loved the baths, but after l left, and she ran out of the mix, she just dumped the citric acid and cd flakes directly into her bath. She had great success. l warned her that she needed big ventilation, so she used a big fan with the baths. l was chuckling about the situation when l realized l could do the same thing. She had well water, l had city water. She had used about a tablespoon of the flake with 5 times the amount of citric acid, so that's where l started, with a robust fan going. Voila, success. l have recently started using the mms suggested in the unproven protocols. Just 3 drops of mms only in half a glass of filtered water once or twice a day for diverticulitis and the attendant problems. l have never successfully used any protocol without getting violently nauseous. This one was crackerjack, if slow!! Push it out there for those unable to tolerate the mms/citric acid mixes or unable to make cds. l have read and tried every protocol and made cds personally. l prefer the simplest. Thank you again for all your hard work and efforts to help everyone.
Sharon Fomby
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