No Man’s Sky space travel will be more amazing than ever with the improvements it will have on PS5, Xbox Series X and S

Recently No Man’s Sky has been updated with its version 3.0 with which a huge number of new features have been incorporated . That does not mean that Hello Games had its focus on the next generation of consoles, hence it has been working on update 3.10 with which it will considerably improve the quality of the game on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although it also can be downloaded on PC.

Thanks to it the planets will look more leafy and dense . Elements such as grass, flowers, rocks, mushrooms and much more will have a higher resolution and sharpness that will give it greater realism. These improvements will also be reflected in the buildings, being able to build bases higher than ever and with more complex designs.

Multiplayer will also benefit from these enhancements to support a capacity of up to 32 players simultaneously exploring, building, and fighting together. In addition, the cross play function will be enabled between the next generation versions so that they can join the users of the current versions without any problem.

On the other hand, the new versions will be seen at 60 fps and 4K on PS5 and Xbox Series X, while those with an Xbox Series S will be able to choose between high-quality resolution at 30 fps or a high-performance mode at 60 fps. With all this, the graphics, lighting, shadows, effects and much more are expected to be superior to what is currently seen. And of course the loading times will also be greatly reduced.

No Man’s Sky games can be transferred from Xbox One to Xbox Series thanks to cloud saving. Instead, those playing on PS4 will need to save their data within the game and download it from their PS5. Specifically, speaking of the Sony console, it will have additional features. For example, with 3D Audio the experience will become even more immersive, something that will also be influenced by the haptic feedback of the DualSense. In turn, those with a PlayStation VR unit can also use it in this future version if they want to enjoy No Man’s Sky in virtual reality.

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