PS5 encourages us to push the limits and reach the extraordinary with its launch trailer

In less than a month there will be thousands of users around the world who will be playing titles such as Astro’s Playroom, Godfall or the remake of Demon’s Souls, among other great games that will accompany PS5 from day one. Precisely, taking advantage of the fact that there is so little left for its arrival, Sony has wanted to publish a new trailer on the occasion of its imminent launch.

It is a video in the form of an advertisement that we will probably end up seeing on television sooner or later. His intention when creating it has been to want to encourage everyone to be able to overcome the limits of what is possible to achieve the extraordinary.

All this is due to the experiences that it promises that users will enjoy, who assures that they will discover new possibilities with the games or the functions of the DualSense, the new control knob. Hence, Sony indicates that the video pays tribute to explorers of the past who once dared to push the limits to discover places that seemed unreachable.

The announcement in question has the background voice of Travis Scott , the strategic partner that Sony wanted to have for the occasion. In any case, the moment of truth and having the PS5 in our hands is getting closer and closer. It will be from November 19 when it will go on sale in Spain for 399 euros or 499 euros depending on whether you choose its digital model or the model that has a reader.

The number of reservations that PS4 took to reach in 12 weeks, PS5 has achieved it in just 12 hours, according to Jim Ryan

Although we are not facing a year that invites too much hope and positivism, Sony is preparing for a 2020 in style with the launch of PS5. In fact, according to Jim Ryan, the expectations are much higher than they had anticipated.

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has assured in an interview that, during the first 12 hours of the PS5 pre-order campaign in the United States, as many units were pre-sold as in the first 12 weeks of PS4 pre-order.

“The demand expressed by the level of reserves has been very, very considerable.

Not everyone who wants to buy a PS5 at launch may find one. We are working like never before. “

The turnaround has caused Sony to some extent question the future of its strategy. Ryan comments that the concern about the impact of the pandemic on the 2021 and 2022 developments is now somewhat calmer and that, although the triple-A industry is not easy, they will continue to look forward thinking that they can do better than they thought. Faced with the need to continue growing to satisfy its user base with a larger catalog, Sony’s plan is to evolve organically, but it does not rule out that it can also be done with mergers and acquisitions of other studios .

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