The remake of Demon’s Souls for PS5 strikes us again with a brutal five-minute gameplay

One of the first video games that will go on sale together with PS5 will be the remake of Demon’s Souls, about which we have already seen on occasion that it will look tremendous. Anyway, as it never hurts to take a look at new materials, Sony has just released a new gameplay.

In this new preview of about five minutes we can see a few areas of this action RPG and the impressive combat against some infernal creatures and final bosses that we will have to face. All this with an outstanding graphic section, both in the animations, as in the lighting and many other details and effects.

From videos of this type it gives the impression that we are facing a totally new game and that the world of Boletaria will look better than ever. Either way, players must be prepared for any type of threat that arises and use the right skills at all times if they want to live to tell the tale.

And there is no everything, because other details about the performance of the game and some of its news have also been released. For example, it will be possible to choose between two different visual modes: a cinematic one that will make the screen look in 4K at 30 fps or another that will improve the image even more when seen in 4K at 60 fps .

For fantastic captures, such as those that accompany the news, a photo mode will be available with a few types of filters, including one that modifies the graphics to make them look the same as in the PlayStation 3 version. In fact, the difficulty o the behavior of artificial intelligence has not been touched to continue to be as challenging as in the original game.

Instead, this new version has been used to correct some errors , while the dialogues have been re-recorded using some voices that were already present in the PS3 title. In the case of the edition that we will receive here, we remember that it will be completely localized into Spanish. Of course, it’s clear that Demon’s Souls will be a perfect game to debut on the PS5 when it hits stores on November 19.

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